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Reduce Water Consumption Using Smart Irrigation Controllers

A smart controller isn’t just a timer or a
clock. It’s the brain for your irrigation system that helps save water, about 30% compared
to traditional controllers. The smart controller uses weather or sensor data to automatically
adjust the irrigation schedule. In a sense it takes the guesswork out of irrigation scheduling.
Smart controllers work in conjunction with various types of sensors that can measure
rain, temperature, and soil moisture to determine the right time to water and the right amount.
They can also provide your irrigation system from turning on during a rainstorm or if the
soil is already saturated with water. Many smart controllers can be programmed with
information like the plant and soil type in each zone for even better water efficiency.
In areas with water restrictions you can program in the allowed watering days. As the importance
of saving water rises a smart controller should be a no brainer on any irrigation system.
You can ask us about smart controller options at any Ewing location, and be sure to look
for WaterSense labeled smart controllers which are proven water savers that can save an average
home nearly 880 gallons of water annually.

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