1. Nick D

    How many think T E D should be Technology Ecology & Design rather than the E standing for entertainment, which should be implicitly understood so doesn’t need stating. ?

  2. John Shafer

    Also we need to pay farmers a living wage along with doing environmental benefits on their farms. I like rotational grazing. Let's mimic nature as much as possible. We also need an urban agricultural practices too.

  3. Savory Institute

    Thank you for all the great work you do! We're proud to be working alongside folks like this to bring forth the regenerative agriculture revolution.

  4. Andrew Olgado

    interesting talk and nice idea, but somewhat lacking in science behind it. Where is he getting his figures from? 15 tonnes of CO2 is locked in the cover crop in one acre. OK let's take that as given, but then that cover crop is breaking down and decomposting therefore releasing CO2 among other gases. Surely the soil won't take that all up? Possibly only a small proportion will be held in the soil as organic matter. Great for the soil, but I'm not sure it will make that much difference to global warming unfortunately

  5. My Vegan Experiment

    We definitely need to start looking at our agricultural practises as they are one of the driving forces between climate change, deforestation, top soil loss etc!

  6. johnmburt1960

    Don't respond to deniers trolling the comments.
    When you encounter deniers, just step around them as you would any other obstacle.


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