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Reload Greece 2012: Christina Panteleimonitis – Organic Products & Agriculture

hello I am going to talk to you about great specialty food products and I will try to relate to you my 20-year journey of making labeling selling and exporting handmade products to specialty stores all around the world I insist on the word hand weight to clarify with producing hat and handle products with a premium price making it a bit more difficult but surely worth the effort since 98 I have been traveling throughout Greece this has been a source of inspiration for me and my work at the mid leg our country is twenty percent of the culture this is a percentage remarkably high when compared to that of other European countries twenty years ago demi delia began and thanks to Greece’s microclimates high quality and high taste products can be produced nowadays the use of agricultural land can be the most serious business in our country in contrast in contrast to the Past a trend has been observed where young people seek to build their future outside the urban world many strong Minds invest themselves and their money on farming and business related to it I believe that young entrepreneurs with knowledge experience abroad and education can make miracles out of their land as they can also unite and promote a group groups of agricultural producers helping them to make a difference the millennia water mill was founded 20 years ago in an effort to materialize three concepts the first concept is to educate the new generation about the past means of preparation and the flavors that were alternated by mass production it would sound a little ironic now but at the time it was equated quite innovative to turn the clocks back and pay tribute to what our grandfathers had built and water parents forgot our second call was to introduce to the market more interesting kind of accra tourist model at a time where the only existing one was rooms to let during those 20 years we have hosted almost 35,000 school children and older students who have visited us from Greece Europe Australia in the United States the last concept was to convince farmers to make use of the surplus production and thus make their business sustainable we saw this as a pilot idea believing that our efforts would be imitated by others and in this way we would contribute to an operation of the countryside we’re a producer of artisanal Greek food products our main product is pasta in 40 different types needed with flour we grindin are two water mills our products have been sold and raised the United States the United Kingdom France Holland Germany Sweden Cyprus China Japan the Millea products derived from the principle of using traditional methods of preserving agricultural produce are go ahead however is not to replicate traditional recipes but to innovate using the traditional practices for inspiration an example of this is our also feta flavoured pasta which is unique but also highly associated to Greece our products are widely regarded as innovative for combining the old with the new for their tasty riparian parents and they are introduced to the market for these reasons we have 115 international and greek awards I would like to share with you the key success factors in the specialty food industry private initiative rehabilitate safety assurance quality imagination resourcefulness innovation zeal and a consistent communication of your story private initiative is very important since specially food producers are typically smaller firms an intrapreneur spirit is necessary to get the product movie the owners must be also able to handle both operational and marketing aspects rehabilitation Isla de pere is highly dependent on consistency word of mouth is crucial for the success of a brand or a product people are especially keen to share their experiences of a specially food product whether good or bad nowadays Internet can be an excellent sound board quality a lot of Greek products rely on the uniqueness of the raw materials the Mediterranean say famous for its tomatoes for example this is a lot of Greek thus a lot of Greek dishes cannot taste the same produced elsewhere on the contrary naturally preserved product using their January raw materials can help share the real taste all around the world safety and assurance the global thinking firm must consider safety certifications as necessary they are badges of honor which are like international awards imagination innovation today’s producers need to put forward products that are rooted in tradition though there are rooted in tradition enough so that the consumer feels an emotional connection with the product and innovative enough so the consumer gets excited to it to my understanding today’s young professionals have a lot to offer to the specialty food movement your generation is used to accumulating vast knowledge of the past traditions as well as understanding about what the latest trends are you are also skilled and effectively conveying your ideas and the missions economic crisis how is this more specialty food producer facing it we are we have observed that when people face economic insecurity they turn to products that will offer them guaranteed quality a quality they can trust a new factor that has a GERD is the numerous specialty food stores that are opening by Greeks who have moved abroad now is the perfect time for certified innovative attractive tasty and labeled in many languages Greek products to fight the way through me it is clear that every specialty food brand must have a bond a link between the past the present and the future thank you you

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