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Remembering Milo Shult

One of the things that was very, very apparent to
the people that knew Milo was that he loved what he did, and he loved the stakeholders
that he worked with, and all of his colleagues in the Division of Agriculture. He was a master at human
communication, human relations. He could always put people at ease, no
matter what the situation was. He really had tremendous insight, he had
tremendous vision, he was a man of integrity, people knew that if he said something, if
he gave his word that you could depend on it, and you know that’s something in the world
of agriculture, a man’s only as good as his word. He was just an all around great guy, and somebody
that was very knowledgeable, and someone who was great for agriculture in Arkansas. I don’t know of any agriculture organization,
any group, really individuals that I would call men or women of leadership within the
agriculture community that didn’t have a great deal of respect for Milo. Well Milo came to the University of Arkansas in 1992. There were a couple of wise old sages in the
stakeholder group that he met with that grilled him consistently “Now you’re not one of
those tree hugger guys are ya?” Like many universities, we had lots of difficulties
in keeping up with the modern infrastructure that we need to really run world class operations. Milo took it upon himself over that near 19
years that he was in a leadership role to greatly add and modernize
the infrastructure of the state. He really solidified the role and the reputation
for the Division of Agriculture, not only in the University of Arkansas System, but statewide. Milo really had a passion for his job. He had a passion for agriculture. If a 5,000 acre soy bean and corn farmer had
a problem, if a farmer had 1 acre of blueberry bushes and had a problem, he
wanted the Division involved to try to help. Milo always had that steady hand, he knew
how to relate to people whether they were a local farmer, or whether they were a 4-H
mother, or whether it was a state legislator. He just seemed to know how to relate to people
in a manner that was effective, efficient, and yet in a way that was humorous. He lifted me up and made me better and more
effective at the job I did and was always there for good advice and guidance. And he just made me a more effective leader. Anything positive that happened in agriculture
during the 20 years Milo was with the U of A System, he had a hand in and a positive impact on it. It was a joy to work with him, and I will
always be deeply grateful for the opportunities that he gave me to just follow around behind him. Not only was he effective at his job and good
at what he did, but he was a good person. He was a very unique individual, and
I’m proud to call him a friend.

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