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what's up everybody I'm thinking it is time for your favorite game show renewable or non renewable resources let's meet our contestants from a down't Elementary's Cameron Garcia yeah and from ends elementary Riley offer hi right nice to meet you hi Cameron nice to meet you too welcome guys thanks for coming who'd you bring to you today Cameron well I thought the only person that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy no matter what happened my mom oh that's so sweet thank you baby here's some pizza that's my boy so cute nice to meet you mom Riley in your corner I brought my biggest fan my daddy let's go mark alright dad like the spirit let's get started first person to make an animal sound gets to answer the question got it now for five points who can tell me the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources Cameron yes non-renewable resources cannot be replaced quickly like coal oil and natural gas renewable resources can be replaced quickly like wind solar and water nice job Cameron you are correct yeah baby focus focus just get focused next question for five points coal oil and natural gas or fossil fuels power fossil fuels formed and are they renewable a non-renewable resource Cameron once again right why don't you take this one very nice gesture Cameron hopefully it doesn't cost you Riley thank you Kailyn ain't no thing he's such a sweet boy so sweet both Possible's were formed millions of years ago from the DK of dead plants and animals there are non-renewable resources because they cannot be replaced easily and can one day be all used up right you are Riley we've got a tie game now okay for five points what is happening in this video whoo Riley expressed with the roar your answer is it looks like they're burning fossil fuels to make energy nice Riley whoa there's a bonus question you get it Brighton in additional five points roof bonus points here's your bonus question Riley it's multiple choice fossil fuels are used to a face paint B make dessert or C make electricity fuel cards and heat her home C fossil fuels are used to make electricity fill our cars and here our home five big bonus points for Riley can be okay Riley has 15 points and Cameron has five what oh okay I see how it is it's cam time now for five points identify the resources being using these images Cameron's first with the ground your answer sir image one it's solar-powered that is harnessed from the Sun image two is wind power that is harnessed from the wind image three is hydro power that is harnessed from the water there are renewable resources because they can all be replaced quickly that is correct and to the bonus question our continually produces heat beneath its crust when the heat is captured we can use it to heat our homes and buildings for five points what is this call and what kind of resources it's called geothermal energy and it's a renewable resource because the earth produces heat all the time you are correct okay guys next question is a big one but first yeah oh that was fun now back to the game we're all tied up in 15 here we go biomass is your noble resource that can be burned to provide electricity fuel and heat for 10 points what is biomass made up of a snot bubbles B toejam or see plants trees crops and trash O'Reilly getting a little aggressive your answer is C by Max is made up of plants trees crops and trash Riley is taking the lead once again 25 to 50 Oh mom what's up time for five points why is it important to conserve fossil fuel Cameron burn fossil fuels create pollution which is bad for the earth since they are non-renewable we gotta be careful not to use them up too fast you are correct Cameron scoria is Riley 25 Cameron 20 that's question please hurry next question please okay okay for five points name to renewable resources that are vital to our existence Oh Ronnie just beat him what's your answer we need Aaron animals we need air to breathe and animals for food correct Riley is taking it Stan 32 community come on sugar itself retains over we have time for one more question and it's for ten points camera could tied up alright if you live I'll answer energy from renewable resources as sometimes called alternative energy can you name an alternative energy resource that can be used to power our homes and fuel our cars oh my gosh our contestants bolts on there with a move in Brian whispers oh there's the buzzer which means once the question is answered the game is over so sorry Cameron you played a great game nine minutes hey Cameron why don't you take this one really yeah go for it the answer is it's right that's right the game incident what a turn of events great job everybody thanks for playing renewable or non renewable resources and remember where I'll go now eggs

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