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Renting Agricultural Land

Please describe your operation. Our
operation is mostly hay and grain. I am a broker for Hillendale Farms and haul
poultry litter. We operate on about 1,200 acres. About a thousand of that is
consistent of hay, and we row crop the additional 200. How do you find out about
land that you rent? A lot of our land we’ve been renting for a lot of years,
some new land that we have rented, actually the landlord of come to me,
and asked me if I was interested in renting their ground. Sometimes it’s a matter of, you know somebody’s giving ground up, so you ask. I am not a person that goes out and tries to take ground away from another farmer. I think we all need to
work together, and I don’t like to be out there back dooring somebody if you will. Do you have written leases with your landlords? We have some, and others are year-to-year
leases. Our written leases, the longest I have is a 10 year, and then
rest are all year-to-year. How do you determine the amount of rent? I like to
base our rent on our County averages. Obviously, with grain prices in the last
couple years ground rents have definitely spiked, obviously making hay, we weren’t
able to pay what grain market guys were offering on ground rent. Most
of my landlords are willing to work with us on the ground rent a lot of our
ground hay and that’s what they want to keep it as. Anything else you’d like to
add about renting land? I think this year, and next several years
with the markets, I think obviously ground rents are going to change
dramatically, fortunately we have some guys came in and really drove
some ground rents up, and I believe that you know some landlords it’s gonna be hard
for landlords to go backwards I wants to go up there they don’t want to come back
and there’s definitely some challenges in the upcoming years for farmers and
landlords to work together to come with that happy medium as prices and
commodities are going backwards here. Thank you! Jim Lady, Chestnut Hill Farms

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