Reproduction in the wheat plant

Music Another way in which the wheat plant is quite distinctive is its pattern of reproduction. Wheat is a flowering plant although its flowers are not terribly visible to the naked eye. You’d have to pry apart a young flower of a wheat plant to recognise that it is a flower. Wheat plants tend to pollinate themselves whereas most sexually reproducing organisms and other flowering plants pollinate one another. Wheat plants pollinate themselves which means it’s quite a lot easier with a plant like wheat to get homozygous or genetically uniformed varieties which is very conducive to breeding efforts. With plants that do not self-pollinate what you tend to see if you compare individuals out in nature is an enormous amount of genetic variation. Of course that’s the point of sexual reproduction. That variation makes it difficult to breed plants and so wheat because it self-pollinates and tends to have homozygous lines as a result is quite a bit easier to work with as a breeder. Music

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