Review of Key Points for Safer ATV Riding in Agriculture

[acoustic guitar music] Risks and hazards come naturally with operating an ATV, but ranching and farming are especially challenging, and potentially dangerous and must be taken seriously to prevent injury and death. However, if you know the risks and hazards you can take steps to avoid them. Here are some things to remember: observe the ATV operator age limitations Keep your ATV well maintained and do a safety inspection with each use. Use protective gear. This includes a motorcycle helmet and goggles or face shield to reduce risk of injury and keep dust and debris out of your eyes. Long sleeves and long pant legs will offer better protection for your arms and legs against abrasion and the sun. Sturdy boots provide support and safety to the feet and ankles. Riders should always wear gloves and protect their hands. Personal protection equipment should be part of the job for all ranchers and farmers Fit the ATV to the job: bigger and faster is not always better. Always lean your body uphill to prevent tipping and flipping. Don’t be afraid to stand up and really lean into the hill. Be extra careful when hauling a load. Front or back can upset the balance and make it easier to tip. Before you dismount, stop the ATV completely, set the brake, and shift into park. Dismount on level ground whenever possible. Even on your own property that you’re familiar with, keep an eye out for new environmental hazards like rocks, logs, sinkholes, and ice patches. Today ATVs are being used more than ever as sales indicate. In addition to recreational use, they’re used in agriculture, business, commercial industry, government, and law enforcement agencies. They provide on the job transportation as well as off-duty recreation. By learning to operate your ATV properly, and practicing safe riding techniques, you can look forward to years of safe enjoyment. Remember to always follow the safety recommendations provided by the ATV manufacturer. Consider getting hands on training from a licensed ATV safety institute trainer. Follow these simple rules, and your riding will be safe and fun. Visit ATVSAFETY.ORG for more information or to enroll in an ATV rider course.

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