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Revolutionary Change – Ultra Low-Cost Organic Farming. Introduction to JADAM

Good morning. Youngsang Cho, Preident of JADAM leading the ultra-low cost agriculture. Welcome to JADAM The use of chemical pesticides continues to increase worldwide. Herbicide use also increases. The use of chemical fertilizers is also steadily increasing. Soil pollution is getting worse and water pollution is getting worse. Herbicides are coming from the beer we drink. Even in human blood, chemical residues are detected. This is becoming a serious social problem. Residual pesticides in the blood are said to cause depression in humans. There is also a surge in farmer bankruptcy and suicide worldwide. Farmer suicide is not only a problem in India.
It’s a serious social problem in the UK. Farmer suicide is also a problem in developed countries (USA). Recently, Guardian magazine published an article on US farmer suicide. Everyone, why is this accelerating? To see the root cause of this phenomenon, You have to see who controls modern agricultural technology. A few small companies have full control of agricultural technology. Agricultural technology depends on big companies you all know. Agricultural machinery companies create technologies that use more agricultural equipment, Chemical fertilizer companies are spreading technology that uses more chemical fertilizers. Similarly, chemical pesticide companies offer technology that uses more chemical pesticides. Ladies and gentlemen, we must look calmly at the current situation. Modern agricultural technology is not a technology for agriculture and farmers. Agricultural technology exists for the benefit of the company. Now farmers have lost control of agricultural technology. It is a consumer who relies on purchasing everything needed for agriculture. So agriculture is becoming more expensive. Modern farming allows farmers to farm more agricultural machines and consume more pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Farmers go bankrupt and commit suicide. Furthermore, these commercial agricultural companies are seriously destroying nature, Introducing the great revolutionary Karl Marx, whom I admire most and become a master in my ultra low-cost agriculture. Karl Marx had already prophesied about this phenomenon 200 years ago. ‘When commercial capital takes the dominant position, there is no doubt that looting systems work everywhere.’ Karl Marx, when commercial monopoly capital dominates this society, Explain that serious damage will occur. We are now witnessing the domineering of commercial capital in this agricultural sector. Almost all areas of the world are in the hands of a few commercial monopoly capitals. We are used to acknowledging this fact without resistance. We must be independent of the monopoly capital that controls the agricultural technology. You have to create a new path for true farming. The farmer must take the initiative in agricultural technology. This requires fundamental and revolutionary change in the agricultural sector. I have worked for decades to free agricultural technology from commercial agricultural capital. I know how reckless the challenge is to take the initiative of the technology that a large agricultural company had. I planned a bloodless revolution that won without fighting to succeed in this reckless challenge. 2500 years ago Laozi says very nice
‘The highest virtue is like water.’ The water does not quarrel with each other, but flows down and flows, creating a large river and sea. Laozi said that The highest virtue is like water. I interpreted it as like the best agricultural technology is like water. The realization of simple and easy organic farming techniques, such as water, has been a goal in my life. When technology changes like water, technology easily penetrates everywhere, Naturally, I thought that organic farming would be the way to become popular. To make it a technology like water, I have tried my best to make organic farming simpler and easier. As a result of these decades of hard work, today’s ultra-low cost agriculture is completed. I have created a new agriculture that completely overcomes the technical and costly challenges of organic farming. It is ultra-low cost agriculture in JADAM. I have made a revolutionary change against existing agricultural technologies. This is an organic farming technique that can be big harvested without any chemical fertilizers, without chemical pesticides, with minimal agricultural machinery. Here are some of the techniques I have developed for ultra-low cost agriculture. This is a direct way to grow powerful microorganisms that can recover chemically contaminated soil in a short time. When cultivating microorganisms, the primary species uses the foliar soil of adjacent mountain. The medium for microbial feeding uses boiled potatoes and sea salt. It is a microbial cultivation method that is simply made without separate artificial warming and air injector. It’s a very simple and easily cultured microorganism, but the effect is excellent. Here’s how to make a natural fungicide that can reliably control powdery mildew and anthracnose More details are introduced on YouTube. This technology is a groundbreaking technology that turns sulfur that melts above 120 degrees into sulfur that dissolves in water without heating. I developed for the first time in the world but published it without patenting. Anyone can take advantage of this technology. The following is how to make the most important eco-friendly wetting agent in natural pesticides. I have developed a technology that makes it easy without heating up the previously complex and difficult technology. Combining some of the things I’ve developed makes a powerful natural pesticide that can control all insects and bacteria. JADAM Natural Pesticides comply with USDA’s Organic Agriculture Regulations. So you can earn organic farming certification anywhere in the world. JADAM natural pesticides are so effective that they can completely replace chemical pesticides. Farmers can easily manufacture their own products, reducing pesticide costs by more than 95%. It can also be mixed with chemical pesticides. So farmers can use JADAM natural pesticides. Extremely reduces the cost of pesticides Against a large pesticide company, It is dangerous for farmers to spread the technology of self-producing pesticides. Already had a crisis in Korea,
As JADAM technology spreads around the world, the threats grow stronger. You must help JADAM. The way of help is simple. Tell JADAM a lot of people. Help JADAM’s technology penetrate globally as quickly as water. I also did a lot of important research and development. This detail is in my book. It is translated into many languages ​​and sold on Amazon around the world. We have a YouTube channel for you. It will help you a lot. The service is available in 30 languages. Thank you for your help. This is the JADAM website, which has been in operation since 2003. 40,000 members are registered. If you come here, you can see JADAM’s ultra-low cost agriculture at the farm. Now, let me briefly talk about the history of JADAM’s ultra-low cost agriculture. My father had a lifelong study of organic farming before I completed ultra-low cost farming. My father is Hankyu Cho. As the founder of Korean Natural Agriculture (KNF), he is known worldwide. My father has been doing the organic farming since 1967. I think you have made a significant contribution to the development of organic farming in the world. This is a picture taken with trainees from our old farm. The arrow on the left is my father, and the arrow on the center is me. At this time, my father’s slogan for the organic farming movement was ‘large gain with little labor.’ I developed this to complete an ultra low cost agriculture. My father received a great medal from the state for his contributions. He has written several books so far and has been translated and published in many languages ​​around the world. There are many people around the world who are now using organic farming as their textbooks. My family has been doing organic farming for the third generation. Every year, about 60 kinds of crops are grown with their families at JADAM Farm in Daejeon. Even without chemical fertilizers, we are harvesting more than conventional agriculture. The quality is also very good. I’m doing perfect organic farming using my natural pesticides. We have been researching various natural pesticides, growing 60 kinds of crops, We have completed a powerful natural pesticide that can completely replace chemical pesticides. I’ve been organic farming for 31 years. He studied chemistry at university and learned biology and physics. I graduated with a master’s degree in Horticulture. I am currently studying Ph.D. in Plant Pathology, Chonbuk National University. My father and my family also have tours around the world together. Many people are showing interest. I founded JADAM in 1991 and am currently the president. JADAM has about 70,000 members and 15 staff members. Regular lectures are held monthly at Daejeon JADAM. In order to support JADAM’s ultra-low-cost farming, about 1920 people make regular donations. Without their donations, JADAM could not exist. Thank you very much! I did a very special thing in a contract with the Hawaiian government in 2018. I developed a natural pesticide technology that provides complete control over the coffee berry bore (CBB), Breakthrough technology that can control 99.9% of Coffee Berry Bore (CBB). Natural pesticide recipes for CBB control are detailed in my book. JADAM’s natural pesticides are also effective against bacteria and insects that occur in the tropics. The ultimate goal of JADAM activities is for farmers to take the initiative in agricultural technology, We must be independent of the commercial monopoly capital dominating agricultural technology. The farmer must take the initiative in agricultural technology. We look forward to a revolutionary change in agriculture with ultra-low cost organic farming for farmers by farmers. Everyone, let’s open a new future of ultra-low cost organic farming! thank you. I’ll do my best.

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