Rice Production Part 2 : Rice Production Process and Management | Agribusiness Philippines


  1. MrBatiao

    posible po ba na from farm to market na deretso ang mga aanihing palay ng ating mga mag sasaka? after ani eproprocess na po ng mga farmer natin ang palay para maging bigas at bigas na nilang ebibinta sa mercado ?

  2. Norman Nabatar

    Carabao ka pa rin in the 21st century? Saka, that will not address rice sufficiency, lalo't may bagyo na naman. You should try contract growing rice in areas that are not visited by typhoons, e.g. Mindanao. Try it in the scale of contract growing bananas.

  3. Mary Soto

    love rice, thanks for translation. what language, so beautiful. I want to learn it. I love the idea of walking and working in the mud. tossing the seeds. transplanting. not necessary harvesting but looks interesting.

  4. Lor Nocs

    Please check this for The Tallest Organic Rice: The LM Foliar Bio-organic Fertilizer will make double even triple the yields in all types of rice variety – Hybrid or Inbreed.


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