Rimworld Alpha 15 | Quick Tips for Farming, Food and Drug Crops, and Hydroponics | Guide Tutorial


  1. FullBlown

    hydro sucks for so many reasons imo makes it not worth the time,power and space unless you have no choice,main 2 reasons are power and the mats to build and maintain when stuff happens..its to hard to keep running forever or over a long time less you get alot of trade for steel and components etc. lets say you play on a winter type map,you will also need a heater in that room..its just to much mats,i avoid hydro at all costs less it comes in a bag with no stems.

  2. Munky Ninjah

    It seem like if I pick a year round area for farming and just get like an 8×8 rice field or whatever type of food, my colony gets pretty well self sustained for food

  3. Kr43he

    Well, my concern with Hydroponics is the need of power. Get a brown out or a ZZZzzzt and bam, all your plants are dead. I have not found a way to make sure that can´t happen yet, maybe there is some. But for the time beeing I think hydroponics can be used as a little bonus or backup for toxic fallouts and such. But purely relying on them seems very dangerous. Correct me if I`m wrong, happy to learn.

  4. aklagraf

    Not ment to be an insult. But while randomly watching this vid I thought you talked super slow. So I sped the vid up to 1.5 and it still sounds fine. I lol'd

  5. Rain

    Hey Gray! really nice Guide here! If I may ask a few things as I am new to this game,
    -When you harvest any kind of food, do they become eatable? or do you need to make Meals?
    -Are Switches really needed? If so, how do you have them work/Put them.
    -Is it good to have 24×24 land for each Plants? or is that too much?
    -Do you need to put Multiple Cooking stations for about 45-100 Colonist? or just one is enough?
    -Also do you need Multiple Stations for each Stations? or 1-2 is enough?
    -Would you also give me a Daily Time table for the Colonists? because all of them are going BERSERK one by one and I just can't stand it. They are mostly Joy Deprived ( I give them 2 Hours of Joy before working though and I also have Joy things).

    Sorry if that was too Much lol. I have many Question to ask but this will do. 😀

  6. youbringlightin

    Brilliant video & nicely explained. Never been a fan of the hydroponics in previous versions, as I found it difficult to keep it supplied with enough electricity. I'll definitely revisit it now :o) Cheers!

  7. Simon R

    Thanks for another really good instructional RimWorld video, GrayStillPlays 🙂
    I especially like your hydroponics layout.
    It never ceases to amaze me how much depth there is to this game.


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