1. Gromlek

    muffalos will give you wool, and their females will give milk. They also haul a lot when used in a caravan, so all around useful animals

  2. A Basket Of Crutches

    There's a mod that adds prosthetics, but I'm not sure if they've added them for pets. Expanded prosthetics and organ engineering. U might want Animals Logic too, to rename pets and tell them to eat only kibble.

  3. Gielderien Peace

    An actual energetic voice behind a rimworld video, what a change of pace! If you plan to continue puting out vids, please, PLEASE, get a new microphone!

  4. Tsunami! :o

    in the manage area, you have "creat new animal area". You can have a lot of them.
    Also, the slaughter button you see in the animal tab really is to mass slaughter your animals. Your animals won't slaughter other animals randomly because you asigned them a "task". xD

    Hope it helped you. Also… Pigs are meant for meat, when you have a too big population and want lavish meals 24/7 year round. It taks quite a lot of work.

    Also you might want to create pasture zones (animal areas) around your base you instead of "feeding" your animals you let them eat the grass.

    Except for having good haulers or fighter beasts (or lvl up animal husbandry) you should not train animals meant for farming. 1. it takes work time and ressources better spent on making more guns or growing flowers, 2. you'll get dirty hard to feed beasts to bond with your pawns… Making them a waist of food.

    Good to mention, the ammount they can haul depend of the spiece. Muffalos should be used for hauling. Other animals should wage war or be used as food. Taming tham when you can do somehting more useful is usualy a waist of time and food.

    Hope it helps you in your future endeavour, don't get to affectionate with you food. ;D

  5. Lord Runolfr Ulfsson

    Sounds like you need a non-animal hauler to move beer and drugs into secure areas for you. Not that I really know; I only just got a computer that might run this to work (and I need to do something about it overheating).


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