1. Jasmine Nelson

    This business has maybe 20 people who work here which consist of drug addicts or dealers. If you buy from this business you are only adding to the problem. These people allow violence and also drugs and sexual harassment in the workplace. The workers go behind the building or in the bathroom to get high before work and while on lunch…..the boss knows and says nothing! These are not quality lamps!

  2. David F

    You've got the upper hand over Chinese manufacturers as you can send one employee to hang around in your best selling showroom to listen(eavesdrop) to why the clients who don't buy, don't buy. So you can pick up on local (national) tastes. Only don't shoot the messenger! BUY LOCAL AND HAVE A JOB!

  3. David Willhite

    I'm a studio potter and I enjoyed watching your process and seeing your factory. There is a sink factory here in Grants Pass, Oregon. It's great to see products being sucessfully manufactured in the USA!


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