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RLCraft XP Farm | Best XP Farming Methods RLCraft

Disclamer, just as much as anyoune would once
you know of an exploit you’ll feel tempted to use it, since you’re playing RLCraft it’s
probably for the challenge so for your experience in the game I suggest you don’t “abuse” these
techniques, but that’s up to you obviously. In my RLCraft series I don’t use these methods
or at least not for the sake of farming xp. All the methods that I’ll be showing can be
peroformed at a very early stage of the game and don’t require any special buildings or
equippement, at least not at the beginning, it can in fact be somewhat automated if you’d
like to do that as well; These methods don’t exell in individual xp output, they are however
very easy to – so to say – “mass produce” making them exploitable.The video is a bit
long so I made an Index that you can follow, you can find it in the description and in
the comments First of all let’s start with Farming, it’s
the easyest to start off with and can later be upgraded with greenhouse glass in order
to make crops grow in all 4 seasons, you can see in which seasons the plant grows by opening
your inventory and hovering your cursor over it, you can see what season it is by building
a season clock with 4 quartz and 1 redstone. The automations can be made later on with
pistons as you would with any other minecraft farming automation.. the only difference is
that since you do it for the xp you’ll have to manually be there to absorb it, all you
can automate is the harvesting and pick-up of the items.
I suggest farming wheat but all crops provide the same amount of xp so feel free to use
your personal favorite, having the “more wheat skill” only provides a larger drop of wheat,
xp drops remain equal. With the use of greenhouse glass you can farm during all seasons, they
have a radious of 7 blocks their AoE is vertical and multiple floors
can be farmed for each greenhouse glass block that you place, this design for example works fine even if it’s 3 separate floors the greenhouse glass block is made with 4 glass
1 wood plank in the middle and 4 cyan dye in the corners all kinds of glass work:
stained or not stained as long as it isn’t a glass pain.
Since you’re farming for the xp you’ll probably make a large field and you normaly wouldn’t
bother picking up all the wheat however what if I told you that all those crops
can be used to further increasing your expereince I suggest automating the item pickup though
since having to crouch or right click everywhere can get tiresome. So, for what else do you use crops if not
to breed animals , when you feed 2 animals and they produce an offspring you are given
xp and you can ammasse huge amounts of livestock in your pens so just bring a stack of their
favorite food and hope your pc doesn’t overheat due to the lag; I suggest using cows or sheep because at least
you can put the leather or wool to some use, pigs provide more meat but you’ll have plenty
of that so don’t worry.. you’d also need carrots which is inconvenient. having reapers spawn can be used to your advantage Animals have a chance to passivly spawn a
reaper if left in the dark, same goes for breeding and killing them; you can use this
to your advantage in order to farm bones for your crops and obsidian in order to build
a Nether portal we’ll have a use for that as well, I’ll explain later on, just summon
some monsters that are good against reapers, I suggest using Aegis but there might be better
summons, so leave a comment if you know of a good alternative. If you don’t want reapers to spawn just keep
the area well lit. IMPORTANT: keep in mind that this modpack
does it’s best not to let you farm xp from monsters and after a while all the animals
in my pen stopped spwaning reapers, even when I killed the animals no reaper spawned, I
don’t know if this was intended to happen or if it’s just a bug that I’m having, if
I do find out then I’ll probably write it in the comments so give it a look! After a
couple minecraft days they started spawning again but only 2 after getting rid of half
of all the animals. BONUS TIP This is not ment for xp but if you
want to farm animals for food the Maka are probably one of your best choices thanks to
their meat’s healing properties (Absorption III). Next in the list are AFK fish farms They also work to an extent in this modpack, acquatic creatures might ocasionally spawn from the water block and obstruct your line
of sight, or kill you.. you never know in this modpack.. like the reapers I only had
fish spawn in the first 5 minutes and then they never spawned again.. when the fish spawns
it interrupts your fishing forcing you to “perform maintainance” (killing the fish)
so this technique won’t be as good as it could but it’s still worth mentioning. It’s more
about the enchanted items it gives rather than the xp and because you can be afk as
long as you hold the right mouse button and as long as no fish spawns in your face. You can probably find different afk fishing setups
but for this one make sure you’re standing in the furthest left corner and that you’re
aiming in this exact spot. which is slightly above the bottom right corner.
Last and hardest to make are the hostile mob xp farms, I don’t suggest making these early
on since these isn’t a compleately “safe” way to using them. As said earlier this modpack does it’s best
to not let you do this and it’s defenitely not as good as the other methods I explained
before and in some cases it might also not work at all; what I’m trying to say is that
it’s very inconsistent, sometimes nothing spawnes and other times a huge hord spawns
that kills you even if your in a safe spot, or at least it was like that for me, as I
already said, it’s VERY inconsistent. This method consists of exploiting the passive
spawn points created by certain blocks or structures for example Nether portals, lava
pools or lakes; This means that we make ourselves an artificial “mobSpawner” ..sort of.. if you build some of these and use this layout
or something similar that prevents you from being hit then you should be able to easily
farm most of the mobs that spawn; Salamanders are the hardest to deal with because
they’re only 1 block tall so they can always shoot at you from a straight line. Now, these mob xp farms aren’t very effective
for xp since mobs don’t spawn in a consistent way but it can be usefull because it provides
a large variety of different monsters that you can either easily tame (since they’re
trapped) or farm for their drops which might be valuable. For the monsters that spawn in the lava pool
make sure there’s a hopper underneath most of their
drops don’t burn so if you don’t have the iron to spare using trapdoors at the bottom
works fine make sure that you place the trapdoor on the lower half of the block Certain mobs spawn due to specific conditions
like for example a specific biome .. keep that in mind when choosing where to build
your mob farm… or just build a lot of them, each in a different biome .. it’s all up to
you. Altitude is an important factor and I beleave
it’s best to build said spawn platforms on ground level or underground Compared to the other methods these ones have
a lot of risks, they’re harder to make and overall they’re less cost effective but it’s
more enjoiable since you’re not necessarily grinding as you would with the other farms. I can’t say which one is the best due to their
poor consistency but I’ll give you a brief summary of how they performed when I was testing them. The standard mob spawning platform is the
safest compared to the other ones, it doesn’t work if the spawning platform is in the sky
or at least I’ve never seen any results from it.. I never had any mob spawn there so try
making it on groud level or underground like this.. if it’s on ground level I didn’t notice
anything spawn if I had a roof on it so keep it open, make it 2 blocks deep or something
if you don’t want the mobs to walk out of it. In terms of mobs spawning I had the most success
with the lava pool since it has very short pauses between waves, I suggest leaving some
head space above the lava pool or only salamanders spawn
unfortunately though it’s hard to get the dropped xp since most of the time it burns
in the lava, you can make a perch somewhat like this if you want to try and snatch it
in mid air but it’s risky. The lake has been the least consistent to
the point that at first I was convinced that it didn’t work but all of a sudden after around
3 or 5 hours of testing around it started overflowing with mobs, I hadn’t even made a so to speak
“base” to farm from it but a simple wall around the lake should work fine. make sure that
you dig a deep lake, if it’s only 1 or 2 block deep large fish will probably not spawn. Last is the Neather portal, it spawns some
mobs at the beginning but it sort of stopped for me after a while so it’s not that great, you need it to go to the Neather though so there’s
no harm in making a wall around it. I hope you found this video usefull and if
you want you can also check out my RLCraft series


  1. Lord Angrim Author

    I'm suggesting the best xp sources but not the best setups for farming said sources, I might do a video on that later though.

    Best ways to get xp in my opinion (they're also complementary)
    0:48 Farming
    2:19 Animal Breeding
    3:45 Good Food source Maka (Absorption III) Arisaurs and Chupacabra (Instant Healing) Aspid (Regeneration III) pinky (Strenght) Silex and Joust (Speed III) Cephignis (Fire Resistance III) Ika (Water Breathing III) Concapede (Jump Boost III) Yeti (Resistance III)
    3:54 AFK Fish Farm (you might want to get an autoclicker for it)
    Mob xp Farms
    5:39 General Info
    7:50 "Standard" Mob Spawning Platform (works with the power of Darkness IT'S BETTER IF YOU BUILD IT DEEP UNDERGROUND)
    8:14 Lava as Spawning Source (making a single row of lava would prevent xp loss but mobs don't seem to spawn if they don't have enough space)
    8:37 Water as Spawning Source (in normally doesn't spawn much, but when it does HOLY SH*T)
    9:01 Nether Portal (doesn't do much but you need it for other reasons so there's no harm in using it in more ways)
    9:19 "Standard Mob Spawning Platform bulding guide

    (List is still being updated)

    – Ooze
    – Fire
    – The End (Endermen)
    ≃maybe≃ Ocean Monuments (Guardians) not sure if they spawn only because of spawners (which would vanish) or also because of the entire area around the Monument ≃maybe≃


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