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Robey Farms: 2500 Head Dairy in KY running 7 Jaylor TMR Mixers

I’m Adam Robey, fifth generation farmer
in Adairville, Kentucky. We have a 2500 cow dairy, milking about 2100 head, running Jaylor
mixers on all of our TMR work, milk cows and heifers, replacements, some steers that we raise also.
So we’ve got single-screw mix all the way up to a 1000 cubic feet twin screw for
the milk cows. Our ration consists of a grain mix, alfalfa haylage that’s in a bag and
corn silage. Everything is loaded into the Jaylor mixers and mixed, then delivered to
the feed bunks to the cows here in sand bedded, freestall barns. I’m a fifth generation farmer so our family’s been here for about a hundred years, been
milking for 60, and this site that we’re on was built in 2001. So we’ve been here
for about 14 years now and, during that time, we’ve expanded from about 400 head to in
the 2500 head range. Our rolling herd average currently is about 29,500. Coming to this facility and going to complete TMR mixing and 3X milking, it took our rolling herd average from about
21,000 up to 29,000 over a 3-year period. So, the freestall barns and sand bedding and
proper nutrition and cow comfort and all of those things have all come together to make
for good milk production.


  1. Jaylor Author

    This dairy in Kentucky has expanded from 400 head to 2500 and currently runs 7 Jaylor TMR mixers across all their locations. What do you think of their operation? We're impressed!

  2. Mark Brunsveld Author

    I got a question I noticed all feed was in bags when you milk that many cows is it not cheaper for you to do a bunk or pile I'm just curious why you do it that wat


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