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Robotics In Agriculture

By 2050 we’re going to have over 9
billion people on this planet and to feed that many people we have to do
twice as much food as what we’re doing now. And so we have some things to
really focus on things from a multi-vector
try to get better at. You know we’re doing different things with plants
with yield precision AG but one thing we’re also working on is automation. So
the robots would go out and and Scout the farmer’s field for him and so they
would look for pests they would look for disease, weeds things like that and this
would give the farmer a much more detailed view of the field. And so the
farmer the producer can go out and spray one certain spot of his field and not
waste the chemical. So scout robots will be a real help to the producer to be
able to send those out and having updates sent to his computer or his
phone and on what’s really going on with this field. And another class is behind
me is our crop class so these will actually do crop work. So they’ll plant,
harvest, spray. We’re looking at high sloped hills where tractors can’t go and
so these robots will be able to go out and plant on high sloped hills and so
they’re for we’re creating new arable land try to get more yield more
crops more food. Another class is the UAVs. Dr. Sharda who is working with UAVs
for remote sensing. And to doing a lot of the same thing as the scouting but
actually from the top of the canopy and so looking down and trying to
get a better idea what’s going on in the field.
So all these robots are being used together to really help them assist the
the producer to make more food and to do it sustainably.

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