Rosh Hashanah Themed Lunchbox Ideas (Dairy Lunches)

happy new year everyone and happy Rosh
Hashanah its melissa here from little kosher lunch and I wanted to thank
you for watching today and thank you if you’re returning to my channel if you’re
new here please hit subscribe and give this video a big thumbs up if it’s
helpful to you I wanted to talk to you about Rosh Hashanah because Rosh Hashanah is upon us I know everyone has their calendars marked and
you can’t believe it’s already here today I wanted to discuss with you all
different kinds of ideas using traditional Rosh Hashanah foods I know
in my family we’re not super religious but there are a lot of memories that I
have as a kid going back to school and celebrating Rosh Hashanah and I think
it’s a lot of fun to carry through those themes and symbols into the lunchbox as
well as to have some fun ideas to share and serve to your family either over the
holidays if you’re entertaining or for a Rosh Hashanah playdate which we’ve been
known to have when we have all those days off from school so I’m gonna show a
crazy selection of foods to you today you don’t have to get this crazy but I
wanted to give you a lot of inspiration and at the end I’m gonna share with you
a sample lunchbox that’s the kind of thing that I would pack for my preschool
age daughter so starting very simply apples dipped in honey for Rosh Hashanah
is the song lyric and it is a classic and loved food by my family and my
children I just very thinly sliced my apples wafer thin and I serve honey
loose or you can get fancy and get things like the honey that has the
honeycomb in it if you’re serving a platter with guests it’s so gorgeous and
festive for the holiday you can get honey sticks for lunch boxes and play
dates these are a little bit fancier this brand was available at my market
they’re a little splurge that I think says something special about the holiday for
your kids that you’re thinking of them and they’re easy and fun for kids to eat
up these kinds of spun honey’s spread really well so you have so many choices
when you go to the market I’ve assembled this cheese board here today because
apples and cheese go really well as do cheese and honey so this is a really fun
entertaining sort of scheme and it’s something that I would pull from as well
to make a lunchbox where it’s like a little happy hour in a lunchbox with
cheese and fruit and dried fruits nuts if you can take those to school crackers
and such so this idea can really translate well into the lunchbox and
again if you’re a kid and you’re a little bit picky you can pick and choose
from this to eat what it is that you like over Rosh Hashanah there’s a lot of
round foods symbolizing you know coming full circle with the New Year and foods
with sweet things in them like raisins in our challah just challah dipped in
honey is another tradition and something that you could offer in a lunchbox I
love tiny foods like a tiny challah and I also love tiny apples
I make batches and trays of crimson gold apples which are a little tiny crab
apple size I slice core them out with a little melon baller and bake them I also
love these lunchbox sized apples these are usually cheaper at the market
because they’re smaller and a little bit hard to work with if you’re making like
a pie but if you’re doing baked apples you just cut a paring knife around the
stem take that out like a little cap scoop out the center with your melon
baller and then you can stuff that with sweet things butter cinnamon sugar
raisins put the little stem end back in and bake those in a water bath at 350
until they’re soft these pack great in the lunchbox or we serve them for
dessert in my family even with a scoop of vanilla ice cream sometimes another
Rosh Hashanah symbol that I love for a lunchbox is the pomegranate I will
usually you know open one up completely take the seeds out and use them all week
long these are super beautiful in a lunch box and you can even put them on a
slice of bread spread with cream cheese the cream cheese acts as a glue and then
you have this little jeweled sandwich you can do them open-faced my daughter’s
love them I love apple butter and strangely I associate it with my
childhood it’s a great food for Rosh Hashanah it’s great to put on rice
cakes you can add do like a double apple sandwich with apples and apple
butter I also have my cream cheese out here because I think cream cheese and
apples are a great match and you can do little finger sandwiches with just cream
cheese and apple or add a layer of honey on there as well dried fruits are great
dried apple rings are super popular in my household as are golden raisins which
I use just loose and for baking these are probably the simplest thing on the
table these are my steamed apples that I just peel core and put in a pot of water
on the stove they are in their own cooking liquid which is the water that
has taken on the apple flavoring I even end up with extra juice at the end which I
save and put in the fridge for my girls once it’s cooled it’s like drinking
fresh apple juice although it’s not pure squeezed juice so it’s a little bit
less calories and sugar but so refreshing and you know exactly what’s
in it because you made it here is the lunchbox for you I put a little fishy on
here as a reminder that a fish head is a symbol during Rosh Hashanah you could
carry that theme through by packing a tuna sandwich or I don’t know whatever
your kids like that’s fishy my daughter loves fish everything I have put because
they’re very juicy my cooked apples in this planet boxe pod with a watertight
lid these are super refreshing if it’s hot
when you go back to school in September I’ve packed a little cheese platter
sampler here this is with crackers cheese a fig and these are some little
quinoa cheese puffs we’re trying out that has a little protein in it carrots
are another one of the symbols for Rosh Hashanah I’ve put carrots and thinly
sliced celery in here and then for additional apples I have my apple cream
cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with the crust cut off
and some dried golden raisins for added sweetness you could throw in a little
honey stick or anything else your heart desires go with what appeals to your kid
but just keep in mind that Rosh Hashanah is a fun and exciting a new beginning
sort of time of year that usually coincides with the start of school you
can carry all of that through in your lunchbox and I thank you so much for
joining me today Chag Sameach


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