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Routine Morning on a Duck Farm

here on the farm there’s a certain
beauty and magic with all the mundane and routine things you have to do so
each day my morning routine is as follows I wake up really early try to
get up with the sunrise and I come downstairs I get outside and then I feed
the cats easy buddy don’t fight me for this
traditionally I’ve never been a cat person but there’s something about these
two barn cats that we have it really brings out the softy in me Pablo no
don’t eat Lil’s food hey Pablo you have your own food we have an old springfed
pump that sits underneath the bar there’s a lot of waiting time for me as
I just wait for the pumps to fill up the water containers for the Ducks I used to
really hate that experience of having the weight but now I relish in it
there’s all sorts of interesting stuff that I noticed I can observe and it’s
just like my daily pause and meditation moment you can see it right here this
water pump is starting to leak come after replace it at some point I
mean it’s old but it’s not so old that it wasn’t made in China
it’s amazing these spiderwebs so complex blows my mind I find that there’s a
certain amount of physical exertion that comes with hauling the water out to the
decks now that I’m moving further out and pasture I don’t necessarily mind it
when I was living in the city I used to have the routine of going to the gym
every morning this is very much replaced it surprisingly though but living out
here on the farm and not going to the gym on a daily basis I’ve lost about 20
pounds Ggo figure the doctor always very happy to get out
of the Dutch house every morning and you go look for slugs and eat whatever food
I’ve brought them look how much manure these guys lay down
that’s remarkable they are absolute poop factories I get really excited as I just
come out here every morning to watch these guys it took a lot to get to this
place to be able to have ducks out on pasture it wasn’t easy it took us a long time to
be able to get this going and we faced some adversity when all the Ducks got
sick and we lost nearly a third of the flock but these survivors the ones that
are hanging in there they’re doing so well so much of what I found farming has
been about it’s doing things small basis but as I’ve been thinking about it that
idea in that philosophy doesn’t just apply to the farm that applies to life
so much of life is the mundane everyday so much of life is about how you wake up
the day you get out there to take care of the things and people that you really
care about and how you chip away I’ve made your casts and projects that you’re
working on and how you try to just make just a little bit of incremental
progress each day in the frustrations with that are real – ducks are
absolutely filthy creatures I can get boring the routine can feel
stale you can get sick of doing the same thing over and over again you can feel
like you’re not actually making any real progress but if you keep chipping away
day by day by day you start to notice as pick your head up and backwards that
over time you’ve made so much progress so for those of you who are out there
wondering what is the most important thing you need to get a homestead or a
farm going I would absolutely say it all comes down to you being willing to do
the grind and ship away like if you’re just looking at it as drudgery it’s
gonna feel like drudgery but if you stop and just walk to the fire the stuff
that’s happening on a daily basis right in front of your eyes it’s pretty great


  1. Start From Seed Homestead Author

    Morning farm routine is so, so much better than morning city life routine. Wake up, get in a car or a subway or a streetcar or a bus, try to stay awake on your way to work, try and keep your headphones or car stereo loud enough to drown out the sounds of people around you, get to work, choke down some free office coffee to get your mind functioning to sit in an office all day…

    I'll take waking up and feeding the animals over that any day of the year. (Well, we'll see how much worse it is in winter, but it can't be worse than waiting for the streetcar in winter.) Glad to hear the farm life is improving your health! I agree with what you're saying about the small steps adding up and looking back and being shocked at how much progress has made; last night I went out to put the birds to bed and the guineas were all in their coop already, roosting for the night, without me even needing to herd them back in. The fact that I let the guineas out all day and get them back in each night is pretty shocking considering it wasn't that long ago that if they got out of the coop at all it was a huge ordeal and I almost lost a few because of it. I'm thinking that soon I'll take down the guinea/duck fence entirely and let them start to free range… pretty nervous about it, but it wasn't that long ago that I was nervous to even let them out of the coop at all, and now it's a non-issue!

    The ducks make an absurd amount of poop. At a glance it looks like my Muscovies make even more than your Khaki Campbells (Wallop the goose makes a lot of poop too!). It's wild, because I can leave the chickens in an area for four times as long as the ducks are in an area and have a less smelly and manured area. I don't know if it's the quantity or the quality of the manure… I suspect the waterfowl just have a kind of manure that mats up whereas the chickens have a manure that dries up and crumbles away. It might also in part be that the ducks have these webbed feet that smash it all down into a hard mat whereas the chickens scratch it up and apart. I wonder if keeping chickens and ducks together could help break up the poop carpet the ducks leave? But if you're trying to smother out grass and can handle the smell, the ducks sure do destroy the stuff.

  2. Shana Shinigami Author

    That video was really high production quality, they way it was cut, the music etc. And such a nice message. Gave me feel good vibes, thank you for that

  3. Michael Midford Author

    Just watched this video (again) because your message here was such a well placed reminder in my life about the focus and meditation on the “little things” in life, the ordinary. There is so much joy hidden in routine, and grinding away at a healthy worthy cause. Thank you.

  4. Bama_Grits Author

    It's funny how in life we begin to appreciate the little things!!! (Or maybe if Not so little) lol
    Even if it's as simple as observing "PooP Factories" lol

  5. The Citystead Author

    Man you have a way with words and putting your thoughts into such a clean message. Great videos, I see I'm going to be pushing myself and learni g from your videos.

  6. Hey It's a Good Life Author

    New sub here send by Roots and Refuge.I love your humor and editing skills! Great message. It's so about consistency and increments each day. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to have some land of our own, for now youtubing our patio garden and home baked goods will have to suffice. These are our consistent increments 😉 😀

  7. Patria Nostra Author

    Hello. First I would like to thank you for your great videos. I watch as many as I can find on YouTube. I have watched many duck videos and mamma ducks raising large broods of ducklings.
    from I would say six to 10 or 12 sometimes. This leads to a question. In all the videos I watched it seems to say that female ducks lay eggs at any random location where they may be at the moment.
    I guess the eggs maybe spread and separated by fairly large distances depending on the land allocated. So then if I am correct in my assumptions how do female ducks (hens?) hatch so many eggs so far from each other ? I am just wondering, Chickens/hens seem on the other hand to lay the eggs and hatch them in the same place which makes sense to me. I was wondering how the ducks do it

  8. Lorraine Roberge Author

    Just thought I'd repeat a joke I heard….
    Be careful not to slip and fall, when you move the duck..' Cage'…

    It might result in 3rd degree …"Turds"!!!


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