RUFORUM on Investment in Higher Agricultural Education for Africa

every single one of us has a role in building the Africa we worked by 2050 our population will cross the two billion mark by 2025 a God of all the young persons will be African energetic creative they must be appropriately empowered the major challenges facing the African continent food and nutrition insecurity it's always been a narrative about poverty a narrative of hunger it makes no sense to me because in Africa you know you drop anything before he hits the ground it grows and Africa should not be growing poverty Africa a big growing wealth they don't booty women making food and make you too dizzy cooleemee swirl a pre-performance the details what being for me it's very important to bolster higher culture education because in this globalized world where technology is becoming a very very very very important now everything is based on a knowledge-based economy so everyone has to be able to understand what is happening elsewhere and how best to use technology to solve problems so higher education enables people to change to benefit to leverage technology and make a difference yes I I wouldn't use the word revolution directly or be healthy a little bit more conservative but it is close to that because the forum is the mechanism among the other university networks in the continent where universities can share knowledge they can share stuff can share students and more importantly be more forward-looking we believe for Africa to develop we need people who have MSC and PhD would think at a higher level so it's really capacity building for capacity building and is also developing fingers for the continent you really cannot grow agriculture unless you have phosphate mines under the or Africa will one day have a live 12 hope and without poverty to make this happen we need a highly skilled workforce support the implementation of development programme most important we must be able to innovate arnica mentally do things more competitively through science and technology education particularly high education must be harnessed for this to become a reality I believe that higher education is a key to Africa's and each individual members prosperity

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