1. Dev Param

    I watch all talks of Sadguru with awe. But this one has been scathing. If we forget history, we are doomed.
    It is more than evident that All Abrahamic religions have failed miserably to serve humanity! There is no doubt that now only hope remains is Hinduism!

  2. jayaveeran

    British because superior because they have guns? No. They became superior because they used steam energy to build machines while we used it to make "puttu".
    Love the man, but you need to tell it like it is.

  3. Andy15 Z

    Wow….I bow down to you sadhguruji. I am a rajasthani rajput and we don't forget what happened to us and our country. We always remember the past. If at all it comes down to fighting to protect the motherland and its culture you will find us in the frontline.

  4. Richard Hawkins

    And while this was going on only 1per cent of rich english reaped anything the working classes in england also starved or commited suicide things were that bad while the rich lived like kings


    6:17 “Whatever happened to us, whoever did and whatever they did to us, it is also our incapability that we allowed those things to happen to us”
    I wholeheartedly agree to that .


    Go for a clean shave and take off ur head this underwear ….
    U can also go for a swim in the Yamuna
    Chandala u are ! Remember it ….. Pariah u are !

  7. Suraj Dip

    How docile are the Hindus that they accepted to be subjugated for 1000 years. I just cannot fathom what went wrong despites being the land of Vedas. My analytical assessment tells me that as a race we lived as many tiny kingdoms and tried to keep to our own little nation. As a result the concept of homoginiety and unity is not in an Indian blood. We are individualistic to a point where we despise one another. We do not like what is our own because we do not even know and understand what is ours. Indians are more of a conformist rather than trend setters. Only Modi is a panacea for the ills of India.

  8. Srinivasan Salem

    Your beautiful english is British. British gave train, aircraft, graduation education, roads, medicine, engineering etc are all British.

  9. One

    We need to know this history – but all we have is the NOW !

    So be wise and restore , we don’t have much time – we don’t need to copy the west clothing or their junk food !

    The best people you can learn from is the poorer people in India , they still maintain the tradition and clothing.

    I already stopped wearing Jeans completely , because it’s not for this hot climate !

    Don’t let your child watch too much western shit.

    Never trust the white man – they are doing the same today to Middle East (divide, rule , destroy & occupy)

    If you demand Indian clothing , then only the industry will revive !

    Jai Bharat

  10. Galactic Being

    Fools forget and there are 130 crore fools in India today. Make them sane again REGROW everything again. We have stood for centuries and we can’t be so feeble to stand again.
    REGROW INDIA 🇮🇳 Now India must make a law anyone betrays India will be subjected to death and any export from India WILL BE MARKED ONLY INDIAN AND MADE IN INDIA ONLY AND NEVER EVER IN ANY PART OF WORLD EVER. No transfer of any f*** techniques to any f*** country ever and most importantly be prepared for WAR always. This is a big MUST have ability of India. 75 Trillion pounds in 1947 worth of gold was stolen from India by Britishers, imagine its value today , multiply by at least 1000 it comes out to be 75000 Trillion pounds. This is breaking back bone of India which Indians don’t REALIZE. Now divide this money equally among 130 crore a which is very large sum of money PER PERSON. Realize what you lost and today population of India is the key winning factor in the world to regrow itself.
    Every Indian must do business again and stop doing jobs . Go back to basics of what India was. Job is slavery, business is leadership.

  11. om baba

    we were the richest country before I slamists plundered our country massacered our people destroyed our trade and blocked our land trade routes . . .

  12. Tim Mullens

    What culture?You are a filthy overpopulated disease ridden cess pool. Can't feed yourself. Going to blame others for having over 100 languages in one country? Your caste system? Your excessive numbered dogmatic religions ?
    You were pathetic before and are again now . India -home of the non solid bowel movement.! Home of rape gangs!
    What culture?

  13. Glen Jeremiah

    Indirectly pointing out 72,00,000 that is on the Congress card is a laugh for him. He should see Japan and express feeling they don't crying over spilt milk. Today Japan stands firm and not turning reality into strokes.

  14. Anil Nair

    Sadguruji why blame British and Mughals for all our existing problems. It is more than 70 years since we got independence and I feel our present politicians ( Congress, BJP , Communists etc ) should be responsible for all our miseries and trouble. They have ripped us apart and now we blame our grand fathers and previous rulers for our miseries. Come on……..

  15. Dalton Bond

    Sadguru, with all due respect, we did not Allow the Brits to take over. We were in a crisis and had emerged out of a long tiring war with Islam and we were tired and the Brits took over in this time. They grabbed the opportunity, so to speak. They were there at the right time.

    Britain and western Europe today are in crisis with one half of the population hating the other half. Britain and Western Europe are slowly drifting towards civil war. If we had an EIC equivalent stationed on British soil, we could do the same. We just don't happen to be there right now, as we have our own problems. Our misfortune is in not being able to use the crisis of our opponents while they were perfectly able to use ours. See, a perfectly good crisis in Western Europe, an invader's wet dream to be sure. But Alas! We are not in a position to capitalize on it and conquer Europe. Alas! But Putin is and Western Europe might just become a Russian colony at the end of their civil war.

  16. Dalton Bond

    The magnitude of British Crimes against humanity is so staggering, and the Karma that is attached to it so immense, that even if you were to make me Lord of the universe for a billion years in exchange for taking that Karma, I'd be like, Thanks, but no Thanks!

    You're Welcome Brits. I'm so glad I'm not one of you. If I was a Brit, I'd be terrified of what's about to come to me. It's not gonna be a whole lot of Fun

  17. Daya Nand

    The born (hereditary )Concept is DESTROYER number oñe of Vedic Sanatan Dharma; which allowed in the Killer & Destroyer number two ,which combined and allowed in the East India company endorsed by the King/Queen of England. As the SRI Madbhagvat GITA Chapter four Verse 13 says :
    CHATUR VARNA MYA GYAN KARMA VIBHAGSCH – Education, social and Spiritual teachings qualify for the position of earning a living, will let the Bharatiye people grow. The Congress must be banned, the foreign invaders political cult must be banned, ALL the people must check out their DNA and follow the Ancestors Faith of Humanity, "Omnipresent Eternal Faith of Vedic Sanatan Dharma ", than ALL the problems will be solved . Rudra MAHAKAAL Ki JAI. SHIVOHUM SHIVOHUM.

  18. Freddie Mercury Bulsara

    Abrahamic cancer spread to India and backstabbed spirituality, India was the only richest country in the world until 18th century

  19. Biswapradipdas

    We were defeated 'cause we were too much on Non-violence…Not against the non-violence…But TOO MUCH thing are never good for anything


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