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Saginaw Valley Research and Extension Overview

All the industries like to have the
research in their backyard. So the reason we moved the facility a
couple years ago was to get in their backyard. If you create research in their
backyard it’s going to be something that’s going to relate directly to them.
When we create a variety it’s going to be variety that was developed in this
area and it’s going to relate to what they do in this area. This facility is amazing. We’ve had the opportunity to put up an Education Center, great
facilities. We have an awesome farm manager, assistant farm manager. So the
Saginaw Valley Extension Center, I think it’s important not only for us, but
also the next generation. It’s a great opportunity to host meetings there, to
bring the next generation in and look at what’s going on in agriculture. Here at
the Saginaw Valley Research and Extension Center, we have research land
here that’s well-managed, well-kept and it gives us the opportunity to do our
research here and then to bring growers here and show them and be able to
communicate with them our research. We’ve had that partnership for over 100 years
actually since this program is initiated back in the early 1900s and it continues
to be quite strong today and I feel an important partnership, both from a
research point of view, in terms of variety development, but also serving the
growers with new varieties.

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