1. The Mercy Seat

    I did not read any prior comments so please excuse me if someone has already mentioned this…. the fish can be kept Alive for its harvest and many times after for abundance. You can inoculate the fish( perhaps not the proper term) upside down and push the roe out in magnitude without harm to the fish itself and ultimately creating an unending flow of $$. Anyhow, hope you aren't offended just a trick I was taught from elders who knew of their heavenly nutrition.

  2. Syed Shah

    My question is the part where they fertilize the eggs with salmon semen with a syringe. How did they get the salmon semen?? Dirty thoughts

  3. Thomas Smith

    Care to share the videos of diseased and deformed fish? Or maybe the effects of said disease and pollution on the the wild fish that share the same waterway? Probably not huh?….

  4. Elizabeth St Bernard

    It's been proven numerous times these salmon in these hatcheries are full of diseases. They are also spreading disease from the hatcheries into the surrounding lakes.

  5. I MaKe InSuLtInG jOkEs

    This is not at all humane, Couldn't they have just do it the humane way and just gently squeezed the femail salmon's belly?!?!

  6. Russell Anderson

    The black eggs are not salmon it's sturgeon eggs. And why would or do they produce sterile eggs for?? Plus salmon wouldn't cost so much if more countries did this!!

  7. Neny Lily Ching

    That is a massive cultivation. But price of salmon in Asia is so expensive. Hope this kind of method would cone to us so we can enjoy salmon too.


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