1. Shirley Bee

    Looks good just got to figure out how im gonna start this project and what type of plants can be grown in los Angeles. Especially on land that has no running water

  2. Simon Njoroge

    hillside cultivation bring about irrigation through gravity.you need not add pressure to water movement downhill.drips will present the best results as it consumes little water.

  3. Atom Atom

    Music sounded Senegalese? Nice ideas!! Explain a H20 catchment and watering system as well! I also have 2 PH. D's, in the garden shed!!

  4. Ayva Vergara

    This videos gave more knowledge to know how in farming in slope land. I hope that there are more tools or seminars that the municipality of Claveria Mis Or. can provide for me about SALT Technology, the reason why is that I'am planning to invest my hard earn money in this place. I plan to buy a piece of land in Claveria Mis Or for my retirement. If you could please gave some information if how to attend a seminar regarding SALT Technology.. Thanks

  5. Brooks Woodring

    Great information. Perennials on every third is interesting, why did you decide every third tier? But who does the music by the way?

  6. Gerardo Paelmo

    SALT was developed on a marginal site in Kinuskusan, Bansalan, Davao del Sur by the Mindanao Baptist Rural Life Center (MBRLC). In 1971, MBRLC started to employ contour terraces in its sloping areas. Dialogues with local upland farmers acquainted the Center with farm problems and needs which gave the Center the impetus to work out a relevant and appropriate upland farming system.


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