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SAO IF: How to Farm Release Crystals (2019)

hey guys today we’re going to talk about
how to farm release crystals on sao integral factor so this video is being
requested by one of you guys on the comment of my previous video so I’m
going to show you how I usually get my release crystals in this game but before
we begin please don’t forget to Like share and subscribe to my channel for
more sao integral factor content so if you have not already know the release
crystal is useful for unlocking all the weapon proficiency skills on a different
weapons there are three different level of release crystal which is the small
medium and large which can unlock different skills each one of these
skills are very useful and have a different effect which will improve your
gameplay and how you are playing the game so first that we are going to take
a look at is from fishing fishing is a great way to get the release crystals
because if you look at the trader the fishing trader here at each of the fish
there can get up to 99 release crystals which is just I mean like the small fish
there can get you up to 99 release crystals and these rewards is being
resetted every month so there are quite a few small fishes where you can fish
and so in total I guess you can have like five yeah five small fishes there
so you can get almost 500 release crystals just from fishing alone and you
can also get a medium release crystals and the large release crystals there are
not as many as the small one but it’s still a decent amount where you can get
from fishing alone and there is also the sometimes they have the fall fishing
or a different season fishing which will give you the same amount of rewards
in term of the release crystals and different fishes so if you form all of
this you already get almost 1000 release crystals but I know that the fishing is
not like the easiest or the most engaging activity
I don’t usually fish myself but when I do I always trade my fish with the
release crystal the second one is to trade the event rewards so from some
events you will be able to trade your items that you get from there with the
release crystal on these examples the bear events you can get up to 100
release crystals small and 20 release crystal mediums that’s quite a good
amounts of release crystal that you can get from there it’s not for happening
for all of the events for examples on this asuna events you cannot get any
release crystals and also for this eugeu events you cannot get the release
crystals but sometimes you will be able to get it for different events you can
also get the release crystal from the rewards points for completing the event
itself for examples on this blue cat events you can get up to 10 released
crystals smalls and three release crystal mediums which is not that much but this
is only for little small the lowest level and you get into the higher level
you can get more release crystals so at this point it is one get five small medium
one and 50 small one and out of ten medium one and three of the large
release crystals there it’s not that much but it helps a lot especially that
it is not that difficult to finish all of the point reward
the third one is from daily dungeon so if you go into the black iron plaace
there is a daily dungeon that you can just go once a day and one of them it is to
get release crystals and the martial art books and it is the first one I usually
always pick this one because it has a lot of rewards I mean you can get a lot
of release crystal rewards from this dungeon and as you can see there it
might not be that much just for reward itself but on that first point that
when you defeat the boss you can get one release crystal from here and this thing
is actually repeatable so you can get now you can always get one release
crystal just from completing the event also the boss itself sometimes drops a
small medium or large release crystal so sometime you can get double the reward
from there even after you complete all the event rewards number four is to farm
the first floor so in the old days when release crystal was really rare this is
what the other players usually or players usually do they will form a
party and farm the first floor and the idea is that because the first floor
monsters are very easy to beat in usually you can just do one slash and beat the
monsters and all the monsters in sao integral factor will drop a release
crystals on a very rare occasions when you beat them and because it’s very easy
to beat the first floor monsters and so it increases your chances on getting the
release crystals and if you have a party that forms on different areas it and
since the the enemy drops are being shared with all of the members of the
party you basically you can get six times the chances by partying up with a
sixth number of people this definitely is not the easiest way
but if you already run out of trading all the release crystal rewards and
still needs more at this way you can always farm the realest crystal whenever
you need it so number five is for the weekly mission the weekly if you noticed
in the game you have a daily missions and after completing some rewards from a
daily missions you get the reward from a weekly missions and one of them perform
completing fifteen times you will get the release crystals it’s only three
release crystal but it’s repeatable every week so every week you can get
three realest crystal basically from there and the more incentive from
completing daily mission is that you get all arcana gems from completing 20
daily missions so it’s a win-win if you going after the Arcana gems then you’ll
always get the release crystals anyway be sure to complete the daily missions
because it’s not that hard to do and it has a great reward number six is
from the assist characters there’s actually one interactions in the assist
characters interactions that will give you a release crystal sometimes it is
the collecting items so if you select the collecting items sometimes it will
give you a release crystal rewards that’s only one small release crystal
actually it’s not that much but it’s or it’s one of the way to get a release
crystals it’s I would not say it is the best but it’s just one of the way number
seven is to farm the board quest so the boss monsters on the board quest for
each floor usually drop or release crystals on a higher rate than normal
monsters but up to I mean like it drops a small release crystals but up to the
floor eleventh the boss monster actually drops a
release crystal medium and large instead so this applies to the floor 12
or 13 or 14 and floor 20 as well so depending on which release crystal you
want to farm you can choose different boss monsters from the board quest so
there will be all my tips on how to form the release crystals so if you find one
of these tips as something that you didn’t expect let me know under comment
below and or if you have any other tips that I did not cover on this video also
let me know under comment below and I will appreciate the knowledge sharing
and the contributions to the SAO integral factor community that is it for
the video I will see you on the next sword art
online integral factor video bye now


  1. Naruto Uzumaki Author

    I got a question, what is the difference between the weapons like the three Gusions? I'm lvl 91 and I'm planning on starting hunting for the strongest one

  2. GREEN PEACE [SAO IF] Author

    For the Release Crystals M & L, it's really good to farm on quest board (F11, F13, F14, & F15 Boss) since you can gather Materials for Rare weapon too (except F11 it didn't drop rare weapon material).


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