Sara Textiles Limited

the sound of skill the rhythm of commitment the resonance of energy the team of efficiency the music of passion Sahra textiles limited draping the world in its colors spread over 20 acres of a beautiful landscaped campus at the foothills of the himalayas is a state-of-the-art dairy toweling factory within a span of five years it already is one of the largest producers of Tenley towels and in there and exports its products to all corners of the globe with an annual capacity of 3,500 metric tons this completely integrated plant creates a fascinating range of contemporary leaves and textures and refined colors part of the serogroup one of India's leading business conglomerates with an annual turnover of 250 million dollars dinging the industrial war materials textiles and infrastructure development saara TechStars limited it's undoubtedly have reinforced in the world of textile manufacturing and trading built on the cornerstones of professional impenetrable excellent infrastructure and quality control the company is committed to cost-effective efficiency and high productivity levels their state of the art infrastructure has been set up with the world's leading machine manufacturers capable of delivering Siebel to fetch products varieties of woven self motives fibers and blends combined with advanced technological processes such as varying pile and absorbency levels softness levels and surface finishes create a multitude of endless possibilities preparatory processes such as warding ensure greater absorbency in treating ability and strength advanced machinery for weaving is controlled by qualified personnel to guarantee production of quality fabrics zero defect dying ensures color fastness while safeguarding against shrinkages thorough inspection at critical stages ensures each product is of a consistent high standard packaging is another critical department that is given high priority it is here that each product is sized individually checked and packaged according to client specifications well trained and dedicated staff of the company work around the clock to give each product equal importance while meeting crucial timelines the Quality Control Department is always active at every stage of production just before the products are sent for dispatch a last round of checks is conducted only after all products passed through these stringent quality control processes are they sent for dispatch a qualified research and development team of designers create product lines keep in mind the latest international trends innovations and continual improvement is an ongoing process as the products are tested for strength and quality every testing labs on campus employed raise shields embellishments and screen printing are also key to the success of products created here specialized products for the medical and hospitality industry are designed to withstand higher temperatures tere products for promotional and brand visibility purposes are also created here and husted distinguished events across the world at Zara textiles human resource is the most valuable sustainable infrastructure with a total of 900 workers and staff at the factory sorry tip stars Limited is proud to have some of the most coveted telland in the field to him situated in the only possible state in India solar textiles believes in ethical and environmentally friendly growth and a tears to all local and national environment laws different levels of proofing in various departments contribute towards conserving electricity while lush vegetation alums in the campus using hassle-free tires and chemicals for processing an effluent treatment plant that processes 1 million litres of water and recycling and producing steam with locally procured rice husk adjust some of the steps taken here to ensure a greener tomorrow all of which have resulted in the UNFCCC awarding carbon credits to saara textiles Soraa textiles ensures that the growth of the company goes hand-in-hand with the growth of all stakeholders employees are given free uniforms subsidized housing subsidized food and free health check-up camps in the factory premises contributions and my villages include development of school playgrounds and drainage infrastructure vocational training is provided to the women folk of the neighboring community followed by optional employment opportunities with the factory and saloon has the songs Rises and each new day of the platoons of the mighty Himalayas its light shines on an entrepreneur stream the sounds of passion fueled by an unwavering commitment to excellence pickle in the air band by the best and brightest minds a high-performance organization providing world-class products and services growing stronger every day and raping the world in its colors sorry textiles never dead


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