1. BackToConstitution

    Agriculture wastes far too much water and uses far too much oil to ship food to those who will consume it! We know that we don't need soil to grow food and we know we can use 90% less water, so why aren't we doing it in all those vacant shopping centers? They are ideal for growing food and look at the traffic it would bring if people could pay the farmers and not the oil companies! Food would be 90% cheaper, if grown within a few miles of where is it consumed by the people!

  2. Mansouri Anas

    that's my Phd thesis about the performance of drip irrigation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJXiT5nPOX4&lc=z22pzrwxpx2egtwpx04t1aokgtl44wn25tibmu423l4ork0h00410

  3. Dusty Stahn

    If the soil was not bare and there was organic material and soil life in it there would not be any caking and plants suited for arid conditions could grow in it.  Deserts are mostly manmade because of poor farming  other destructive practices.. The chemicals used are a major part of the problem because they destroy life.
    Flood irrigation wastes a lot of water because of evaporation. 
    Growing plants in the desert that are not suited to grow there is as foolish as growing tomatoes in a greenhouse at the North Pole. 
    Your idiotic practices are draining all the aquifers and even the mighty Colorado River is almost drained. What are you going to use to irrigate with when they are drained? 
    Are you so short sighted and stupid not to see that happening or are you just brain washed?

  4. Julianne Mc

    permaculture is the solution not synthetic fertilizers and herbicides you don't want to have any killing agents in an area where plant life is scarce


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