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Scaling Drying Beads | Seed Industry in Bangladesh

my name is Johan van Asbrouck and I am the
president of Rhino based in Thailand. We are producing technologies in concepts
for the agricultural industry especially the seed and grain industry to prevent
the occurrence of insects and fungi who result in spoilage and aflatoxin
infection normally most farmers are using sun drying the problem however is
that it does not dry deep enough thanks to the USAID to the Horticulture
Innovation Lab we were able to test the technology we look to the economics and
finally we tried to disseminate the concept to the farmers in Bangladesh
the farmers liked what they saw the system was working but the farmers did not start the to use this normal system: Why? So we decided to bring the technology first to the
seed companies using our strongest link concept. We would train the seed
companies and as they get a lot of benefits where they can get for dry
seeds the good for training resulted in 8 drying masters those eight people
trained more than 100 trainers their term hundred trainers were training and
supporting more than 800 seed farms who produce the first year more than 20
thousand kilograms of hybrid tomato and chili seeds this resulted in a significantly
higher seed quality for more than one hundred thousand farmers in Bangladesh the first year the technology is taking off our major problem is that we were not
ready for success but with the help of everyone we are getting there all this
thanks to the dry chain concept linked to the drying beads technology. Make it dry
keep it dry.

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