Science Channel – Importance and Uses of Natural Resources

importance and uses of natural resources natural resources are naturally forming substances that are considered valuable in their natural forms the value of a natural resource lies in the amount of the material available the efforts required for its extraction and purification is taken into consideration as against its creation a nation's natural resource includes its minerals its energy land and water rocks are used to build houses bridges and other stable structures a very important building material is concrete which is made from cement and cement is made from the sedimentary rock called limestone glass and other ceramics are also made from rocks by treating them with heat and other chemicals rocks have been used as tools and weapons since the first human being appeared over two and a half million years ago just as rocks are the building blocks of the landscape minerals are the building blocks of rocks minerals are chemical materials from which rocks are made rocks are composed of one or more mixtures of minerals in any proportion minerals are inorganic substances with a definite chemical composition they are found in nature in the crust of the earth they have a crystalline form and are usually solids major rock forming minerals are quartz feldspar and mica all these are found in granite hence granite is the basic rock of which all continents are formed and is the most important material on the surface of the earth common metals like iron copper silver gold and aluminium are found in the interior of the earth in its or form all resources used by humans including fuels metals minerals ultimately come from the earth many of these resources are not an endless supply they have taken many thousands and millions of years to develop and accumulate they must be used with care they must be conserved and recycled as responsible citizens of this planet we should conserve all resources and reduce waste human beings cannot live without natural resources and hence conserving them is a necessity minerals and rocks make up the crust of the earth how would add support life if there was no surface to live upon many minerals and elements are necessary for life rocks and minerals support all living things and are the sources of soil upon which many plants grow plants are the beginning of the food chain hence minerals and rocks are of utmost importance to the lives of the human beings there are many uses of rocks and minerals rocks like marble sandstone and slate are used to make buildings such stones are used to make buildings carvings statues for artistic purposes minerals such as sulfates phosphates nitrates and potassium are useful nutrients for the growth of plants they are added to the soil as manual and fertilizers and hence are very important to farmers measures like gold platinum silver copper iron nickel zinc and aluminium occur in rocks in the metallic ore form these metals are used for making many things of daily life a utensils coins wires machines and jewelry precious stones like diamonds rubies and emeralds are also found in rocks they are used for making ornaments apart from the above minerals coal and petroleum are too valuable underground resources the Earth's crust contains large deposits of coal and petroleum along with minerals and metallic ores both coal and petroleum are found underground and I useful to mankind in many ways do you know how coal is formed coal is formed from vegetable matter millions of years ago dense forests on the surface of the earth got buried under the soil due to high temperature and pressure they changed into peat lignite and coal such dead vegetable matter but preserved between layers of sedimentary rock in very thick deposits these are our coal mines we get gold from these mines and use it for cooking food in blast furnaces for making steel in railway engines to produce steam and for many other purposes coal is used in many ways it is used to generate electricity coal byproducts are used in making plastic tar synthetic fibers fertilizers and medicines coal is baked in hot furnaces to make coke which is used to make iron needed for making steel it takes extreme pressure and millions of years for decomposing organic matter to turn into coal so when we burn it and use it it is gone forever coal is a non-renewable resource which means it cannot be replaced as we consume it it cannot be produced regrown regenerated at the scale at which we consume it also it is not equally distributed around the world and is not available in abundance coal resources are depleting and at an alarming rate if we do not use it carefully it will get exhausted in the next two to three decades hence coal is as important as electricity in all countries coal is available in abundance it is cheap easy to transport and store and it has been the primary source of steam but we have to conserve it and use it diligently another important resource petroleum is the mineral oil found in rocks true to its name petroleum petra meaning rock and Oleum meaning oil it is called rock oil it takes thousands of years for oil molecules to form basically the remains of creatures that existed millions of years ago chemically change and become compressed into sedimentary rocks over time with pressure from the sea these layers become even more compressed with further chemical changes the remains of these creatures turn into combinations of hydrogen and carbon once the location of oil is found digging begins and pumps are used to extract both oil and gas into a reservoir since oil and gas are both bubbling they have to be separated so one pipeline will transport the gas and the other will transport the crude oil simply put we can get petroleum by sinking special Wells into oil bearing rocks petroleum is used in many ways petroleum is refined and used as fuel for motor cars buses scooters and airplanes it is also distilled into liquefied petroleum gas or LPG which is commonly known as gas cylinders used for cooking food it may be mixed with other non hydrocarbons to create lubricants paraffin wax and wax used in packaging of frozen foods petrol is also used for dry cleaning of clothes a mother earth has a wide range of natural resources that are essential for a day-to-day lives over the years we have increasingly relied on these natural resources consequently it is vitally important to try and conserve these resources and find suitable alternatives to replace and supplement them we should reduce wastage of all kinds reuse everything possible protect the forests and save water gas and electricity it is estimated that the oil reserves of the world will run out in the next 50 years so it is of utmost importance that these natural resources like coal petroleum which are depleting faster than they should should be conserved for mankind in order to survive recap we have learnt the importance and uses of rocks and minerals the importance and uses of coal the importance and uses of petroleum we have also learned what natural resources are and how to conserve them


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