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Secondary Teacher of the Year – Justine Fogden – Winner

So as the Ag teacher here I manage the Ag block, plan all the lessons, make sure that we’re complying
with all the industry regulations, and making sure that we are providing some really good opportunities for kids. There’s a massive shortage of people
in agriculture at the moment. There’s lots and lots of jobs, so I see my role as as teaching kids to appreciate food and fibre, and making sure that we have some kids
keen to go into that industry in the future. Because of her work in the agriculture industry
herself, she’s really aware of innovation that’s happening across the state, in those industries, and she actually brings that know-how into the school, so she’s looking at how technology can be used
to really push agriculture forward in our school. I guess I’m making a difference by engaging
kids that are really practically minded, but also giving them some really
good career opportunities. I’ve had students go off to university and
study agriculture and have some fantastic careers from that.

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