Secrets to Find & Value Antique Ceramics by Dr. Lori

sale will remember it's just like an auction you can get clear bargains on Marxist what do you know about it I just okay what old my mother's mind increased you think Sonya my niece is twenty dozens football ain't relative at least fifty years we think it's just years old so what you hit 50 ago but was pack it in anybody write fifty it's a little repetitive bone right you think only you think it's more than fifty years old I think it's more than fifty years old so what's happening in 220 jazz-age you know the Charles dead right is that what they're making in the twenty gold I like 1907 to 1910 now it is what worked where was it made us state problem eight somewhere Indiana could be made as far west as Colorado right this particular place is relatively nice over glaze but good please do like the color especially here the colors I you like the color way that Gary's interior design you see uglier Pugliese your first floor the value I started the ALR calendar the Swiss painting by Picasso one ugly ricotta valuable yeah ugly a valuable yet why don't other states to about 1997 value on that would be about 140 bucks what you paid the yard sale two thousand dollars Duncan fight so far the real-estate comment dogs yes small you know I'll take this let's take the dynamic remain but don't get myself a real it's pretty what are you gonna do it yes and hand-painted I but Anthony is in place can play area before it relatively old baby was the mother of that particular German origin nice wife my place the bar boys Franklin and a nice crowd perimeter here with a stroll edge 22 Caravan I purchased the item in China really it's gorgeous did you pay a lot for it how long ago 25 years or more okay so seven already here Jews paid $100 for this piece how old do you believe this piece to be you want it how old sixteen or seventeen so you think it turns circa 1920 maybe 1930 do you like the new point what made you like color combinations because you're an interior designer on the side don't care about polar combinations that you like color combinations or you thought it was worth more than what you paid is correct is that true so you thought you're getting a bargain what type of ceramic is it this is called Lori eyes Lori eyes is a wet slip where they actually mold the piece they fire the piece and then they go back where they paint on the wet slip or the wet play that's how you get this nice textural feeling and this part we just call the cartoons through the open field what you would have in fact with the open feeling it's a place for you to actually paint the narrative or paint the story you see these are things that rush you you see these and things in Asia you see there's a place for you to tell a story on these particular size of these right here pretty nice I say so I do all the stuff assay so right that is at least about $1,200 retail and it needs to about eighteen ninety to nineteen hundred pieces however like this one are relatively rare like Pudge acquired this one which the Dutch piece made from his mother's confessing his mother's estate okay so this particular piece is also a pictures all scale right this particular piece is bark collar Dutch piece it is a part of both uses dates between 1900 and 1970 art Google Forms sinuous lines like curves organic parts made famous by the movie copper Tiffany and others this particular pieces of goat apiece just like the cheese I know a little bit about cheese I would say that in the market today $50 for retail that means someone actually paid $550 for a similar one do you only notice what he's doing over set just be like ah beautiful now I don't want you to submerge in water I don't want you to put end us or any kind of commercial the breeze around it white got cloth to keep the dust free I just need some water no matter in it don't really doubt you'll see my name and my paper Joe the dirt could come off to the white cup okay Oh like we're old t-shirts the solar or assault dish and in the late 19th early 20th century you would have a big dish of salt that you have your individual salt or solvers and literally you have this much salt to put on your food and it would go right next to your dish hold on then why the most party ologists are telling us lip stay away from salt solvers fell out of favor this is one of a set of usually six or twelve do you have any others just this one this one's Hannibal Louis France this one is unmarked and this particular solver would have been as I said part of a scent of six because they would have it Prest part of a place setting value on in about twenty five dollars so it says maybe you want to say glucose why does it will go to the place in France the Louis France is one of the key places where the manufacturers would actually set up shop because the claim and the load felt good in the United States there were manufacturers that wanted you to think that you are getting a piece of the loans right but this system will know is pleased at all it's a beige color clay right here in the United States not particularly high quality how did you acquire it Gio's had a grandma okay do you have the types of sugar bowl give a whole bit of this that says Maine USA to lows with the mark on the bottom okay it's trans somewhere and if that means that the actual decoration is transferred on like a piece of wallpaper that that transferred onto the pieces of clay it is actually plays over and then refire in the kill this piece of Lincoln is worth about $5 the entire set gave a service for a to service for full accessory pieces are great if you go to cloud or the whole deal through the whole piece all the pieces if you have the complete set in good condition you're probably looking at about 250 to 300 dollars but the fact that it was great a lot of the court do you keep it in a china closet okay how long would you open the china pocket never once every month or whatever okay opening is very important because most people don't let me move china closet that would even never open it looked in awhile about once a month for about eight hours I want you to let the heat escape you're all thinking it closed trying to make sure that there it's a heat that will do the damage and those China Padma they actually act like greenhouses they just retain


  1. Someone's Mom

    What does heat do to china in an enclosed cabinet? I know you say to open and release the heat, but what does it do to the china if you don't?

  2. thruErinseyes

    I could kick myself a couple weeks ago I went to goodwill and found two Gouda vases. I liked the color and they were in great condition but I had so many other items and knew nothing about them. So I took pics of the mark and the vases and of course came home and looked it up. Grrrrrr! I went back the next morning and they were both gone. I’ve been so mad at myself since then. I live by TCU here in Ft. Worth Texas and there’s always lots of goodies from the more affluent neighborhoods around mine. I just can never keep up with all the brands. So after that vase situation I’ve been just taking the items. It’s goodwill it’s not going to break me. Lol! But anyway I love your videos. You know that. I do hope you come to the Dallas Fort Worth area so I can come and see you!!! Xoxo

  3. Brad Rohman

    Been watching American pickers and similar shows for years, but learned more from watching just a couple of yours. Very informative and entertaining. Thank you


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