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See what the Buddha taught about animal sacrifices for the deceased. Matakabhatta Jataka

A long time ago, a Brahmin who was well versed in the Three Vedas decided to offer a live goat as a food offering for those who had passed away. The belief at the time was that a live animal sacrifice would nourish the deceased. The Brahmin ordered his two sons to wash the sacrificial goat down at the river. At the river, the two sons started to wash the goat, and suddenly the goat burst into laughter. Then, just as suddenly, the goat burst into tears. Confused, the two sons asked the goat about his outbursts. “Ask me again in front of the brahmin and I will tell you.” Back at the sacrifice altar, the two sons told the brahmin what happened. The brahmin then asked, “Goat, why did you laugh? And then why did you cry?” “A long time ago, I was also a brahmin who believed in offering live sacrifices in order to honor the dead.” “Because of these sacrifices I had to be born 500 times as a sacrificial goat to repay my karmic debt” “So far, I have been killed 499 times.” “This is my 500th life. After this death, I will be done paying my karmic debt! When I realized this, I couldn’t contain my joy. But then I realized something else. You are about to walk the same path as me. I thought of the pain you would have to endure, and I cried.” The Brahmin was shaken to his core. “Sir goat,” he said, “you will not be sacrificed this life! I will protect you!” The goat said, “I appreciate your effort. However, the power of my evil actions from the past is too strong. This is my 500th goat life; nothing can prevent my death today.” The Brahmin ordered his sons to build a fence around a grazing field to protect the goat. Later that day, a lightning bolt struck ahuge rock on a nearby cliff and it rolled down incredibly fast. At the bottom of the hill, the goat craned his head to reach the grass below. All of a sudden, the rock came down on him just like an axe. For the final time, the goat lost his head. An ancient spirit who lived in a great old tree nearby witnessed the whole thing. Seeing the shock of the Brahmin and his sons, the spirit thought, “These people have just seen the result of evil deeds, and they’re shaken. This is the perfect time to show them the right way.” The ancient spirit then told them, “If men knew the results of their actions, they would not harm any beings. He who harms others is destined for pain and suffering.” What do think the moral of this story is? We hope you have enjoyed the video. Click LIKE if you did. And click SUBSCRIBE if you want to see our uploads.


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