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Sefa’s Dream

Kortu Kebele, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia Life is hard here, but we are finding a way to move forward. In 2015, the worst drought in decades hit
Ethiopia, leaving 18 million people in dire need of food assistance. My name is Sefa Ahmed. I live in Kortu Kebele, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. I have three children that I love. I work as a farmer with my husband. With USAID support, Ethiopia established a
safety net program that helps 8 million people like Sefa withstand shocks like severe drought. We relied only on the safety net. As part of the safety net, we received training
on how to grow tomatoes, coffee, onions, and papaya. The safety net was the opportunity I needed. Through Ethiopia’s safety net program, USAID has trained thousands of farmers like Sefa to grow new crops… …and build community infrastructure like the Kortu Kebele micro-dam. Our family is doing well now. We grow tomatoes, coffee, papaya, onions,
and potatoes. Before the training we weren’t earning very
much. This year our tomatoes sold for $345. With the new dam, Sefa and her neighbors can
irrigate fields and increase harvests. I’m very proud of what I have accomplished. I want to graduate from the safety net and
lead by example. I want to be a business woman who sells vegetables
and livestock. I’m going to break out of the cycle of poverty. That is what I want, that is my dream. USAID food assistance is more than food. We give people like Sefa the chance to build
a brighter and more prosperous future.

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