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Selecting, Ordering & Receiving Bare Root Trees

Hi I’m Tricia and organic gardener. I grow organically I grow organically For a healthy and safe food supply for a clean, sustainable environment. For an enjoyable, rewarding experience Thank you for ordering and growing your bare root fruit trees from Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply and we hope that this short video will help with the success of your orchard and a bountiful fruit harvest. There are many trees to chose from and we highly recommend that you look at all of the descriptions either on our website or in our bare root fruit tree catalog. We sell premium quality, bare root trees from Dave Wilson nursery. And if you’ve never ordered a bare root tree before it looks like a stick with roots. But with proper care, it will thrive. Our trees come with a limited replacement warranty in the event that they don’t leaf out. We want to ensure your success. Before placing your order, review all of the descriptions and take the time to make sure and chose the tree that’s right for you. For more information about the warranty, please check out our video Bare Root Limited Warranty Information. First, be sure to chose a tree that will grow in your usda zone and has an appropriate number of chill hours for your climate. If a pollinator is needed, make sure that they are planted within fifty feet of one another and that they bloom at the same time. Finally, what are your desired harvest intervals? Check out this great chart on our website. Do you want all your fruit at once for canning or do you want to spread out the fruit harvest for fresh eating? Watch our video called “Fruit Tree Selection Guide” and don’t hesitate to contact your master gardeners or local Ag department to make sure you’re getting a tree that’s right for your climate. Please be aware that as soon as the trees are available to ship in December, we will begin shipping immediately no matter where you’re located. There are several factors as to why we must ship immediately with the main factors being… We can only ship bare root items when they’re dormant. With us being located in California, trees and plants can come out of dormancy well before the rest of the nation is ready to plant. We receive our bare root items in successive deliveries. We need to move them out quickly as our space is limited. With tens of thousands of trees, and over two hundred varieties being shipped, this policy is the only way to ensure your satisfaction. I’m here behind the Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply warehouse in our bare root container forrest. The trees will be pulled from these labeled containers which are filled with wet saw dust which is a great way to hold on to the trees if you can’t plant them right away and I’ll give you a little more detail about that in a moment. Marcus and I are going to show you how your order will be handled once it’s received in our warehouse. In order to fit this tall, two year old tree in the box, we have to do some pruning. We will prune both the roots and the branches. The trees are placed in a bag containing moist saw dust to protect the roots during transit. The roots will regrow rapidly after planting so don’t be concerned about this. As you’ll see in our pruning video, we’re going to recommend that you prune the tree down to about 30″ We work very closely with our tree growers to be sure that we do no harm to the tree. Then they’re placed in this sturdy tree box and by the end of the day will be on their way to you. YAY! My Trees! Thank you so much! Come on Caesar we got our trees! When your order arrives, remove it from the outside elements especially if you’re in severe weather. If you’re not going to be there when the order arrives please make sure that you have someone to take care of it for you. While your order is hardy enough to withstand freezing temperatures in it’s box, you definitely should not leave it outside in sub-zero temperatures for days on end. Right away, take the trees out of the box and take the trees out of the plastic. Check for damage like severed grafts or loose unions. If a branch or two are broken, that should not effect the growth of the tree you’ll be pruning the branches and training the tree each year anyways. If you have any real concerns be sure and call our customer service department right away and definitely within three days of receiving your trees. If you can’t plant your trees right away, you can store them in a cellar or a garage or in a shed. Just be sure that you cover the roots with sawdust, dirt, wood shavings… but don’t use cedar or redwood because those are toxic to the trees. You wanna keep them moist but you don’t want them sitting around in a lot of water to get soggy and rot. If your climate requires you to heel in for more than just a few days, be aware that you’ll have to baby sit the trees. No freezing temperatures No standing water The roots need to be kept moist And ideally you’ll store them at between 35 and 48 degrees fahrenheit. Before planting please watch our “How to Plant a Fruit Tree” video And grow organic for life!


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    A good environment is challenge for all over the world. Food security is also, an important issue. Sharing culture among the nation's will be a significant contribution for the future civilization of our universe!!!

  2. Brian B Author

    Warning don't give them your business, you'll get ripped off. they promised on their website but they don't deliver, they don't care about their customers, they take your money and don't ship for 2 weeks nearly. then they don't make it right with their customers, run!


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