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Selection Tools on FireAlpaca

Today we’re going to be talking about the selection tools. Up here in the toolbar you’ll see there’s five different selection tools. They all do pretty much the same thing. The first two I’m not gonna get too into because you’ve probably seen these on MS Paint and any other art program that you’ve used. The first is the actual selection tool, which is when you make the shape and whatever you’ve highlighted you get to move around um, by using the the clicker button or whatever you call this, right? So see how I kinda move that around… You can change the shape by this… little drop down menu up here. There’s two different shapes you can use and if you’re on the rectangle then you can also round the corners by clicking that button. So, see how the corners are much more… rounded off? The second tool is the lasso tool, which you’ve probably also seen on MS Paint Which is pretty much… you just kind of drag it, and you get to customize the shape that you want selected. The third tool is the magic wand tool, which is kind of like the paint bucket, of the selection tool. Any enclosed area that you click using this tool will be selected, so anything that’s kind of in the bluish tint means that it’s not selected. If I wanted to select the characters instead of the outside you would just have to go up here, to the select tab and click the inverse button. So whatever is on the outside is not selected and then the characters, which are highlighted, are selected. You can use this to kind of move them around, or do whatever you want. I don’t… really tend to use this tool because I’m able to move them around without using it, just by being on the same layer, and then using the… whatever this clicky… tool is, and then just kind of moving them around. Sometimes if you use the magic wand, it doesn’t really work very well. I’ll give you an example with this kid right here. I called him a kid. So I’m gonna merge all his layers, and let’s say I use this selection tool. And then I inverse, and I want to move him around… *clicking ASMR* You might not be able to see it very well, but it kind of left, like… lines that didn’t quite move with him… so that’s kind of why I don’t really use the magic wand tool. The only times I use the magic wand tool is when I’m making an outline around the characters, which I’ve talked about in another video, so I’m not gonna talk about it in this one. So the fourth tool is probably my favorite which is the selection pen. It works like the brush tool, as in you get to customize the size and whatever, and whatever you drag it on is what gets selected. So, see how it’s… pink? Whatever’s pink is what’s going to get moved around if I use the… little move-y tool — let me go on the right layer, there we go. I use this tool… pretty much every single time that I color hair. So notice how his hair is just kind of one, flat color? I use the selection pen… and then just draw that curve right there And then I fill in that, whatever I hadn’t grabbed Then I use the gradient tool, and then using a color that’s lighter than the base color… Drag that down… clip it into the hair… layer… And then, it just kind of acts as that highlight that I have on… most of my pictures. So, the last selection tool pretty much plays off of the one we just talked about. So, let’s say… Let me draw something really… really fast. I am going to draw… a beautiful circle… it’s a cat. Obviously. So, here is a cat. Oh. Okay. So here is a cat. And let’s say I wanted to move his face around for whatever reason, ’cause it’s, it’s obviously perfect the way it is. So, I’m gonna select his face… and… try to move it around. And then I realize that I kinda like where his one eye is. But I already selected it and I’m too lazy to… unselect it, or deselect it, or whatever. So I would click on the last tool, which is, like, the eraser tool for the select tool? And I would just unselect it with that. There we go! And then I could drag whatever’s left. It doesn’t actually erase your actual drawing, it just erases whatever was selected. That’s all I had really planned to talk about in this video. Um… Which is pretty much just…. Showing you all the selection tools and how to use them. The selection tool has more things to offer than I talked about. If you go up to the Select tab on the top, this menu will pop down and there’s all these options that you can play around with, during your spare time. Anyways, I hope that this video was, at least, a little helpful, especially to the person who messaged me in the first place about these selection tools. If you ever need help using FireAlpaca, just feel free to send me a message, and I can try to make a video about it. I’m not a pro by any means, but I know that digital art is really hard to get into. And, especially if you’re using a not-as-well-known art program such as FireAlpaca, because your resources are kind of limited So, I’ll be willing to make those tutorials for you guys. So anyways, thank you so much for watching. I’m still not really sure how to end these kinds of videos, so I’m just gonna end it, like…


  1. Rosey Gaming Author

    I haven't been able to figure this out, is there a way to select multiple things (ie circles) without needing to color? I'm really lazy xD

  2. AnimeL0v3r AndPotatos Author

    Can anyone help? Suppose you drew something on one layer and another thing on another layer. How do you select both of them at the same time and move them? I've tried to select both of them at the same time but it just automatically goes to only one layer and not the other one ( it makes it so i can only move one thing on a layer instead of moving stuff on multiple layers at the same time) if that makes sense….?

  3. Esmeralda Mendez Author

    Ok I try animating right and everytime I want to to select and move the character. Forward it goes to a different layer moving that picture instead sooo HELP

  4. darcedd Author

    How do you get it back if you close it? Like if you get your pencil tools and you press the x button on all of them, how do u get it back?
    Please help 🙁

  5. lulu pollitt Author

    So, without the lasso tool, how would I draw inside a selected area without getting anything on other parts? Sorry the question is confusing but I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say.

  6. Dan delion Author

    I usually use the lasso tool to get the basic shape I need, then zoom in and use ctrl to take away certain parts of the selection, and shift to add more to the selection, to get a more precise shape.

  7. megoo uwu Author

    forgets what i needed to learn
    Me: pressure sensitivity… ok search search search
    finds this vid
    how to move around stuff!

  8. Ley Saphira Author

    If i choose polygon as select shape, how do i get it to not stay in the selection mode? if i go on the brush it just vanishes

  9. T4U Author

    this is probably one of those questions asked so much it gets annoying, apologies in advance. I can't find it anywhere, it always comes up with the wrong thing, but anyway. Is there a way to turn off the thing where if you hold your pen down on a area for a period of time it changes it to that colour. It makes it very challenging to draw and i find it very frustrating especially when i can't find the colour again.

  10. BlazeDraaws Author

    Why is there delay Everytime u stroke it starts a full half a second after I press on the tablet it's annoying I can't connect lines

  11. Thicker Snicker Author

    Say I've used a selection tool to add something to my drawing, how would I get rid of the lines (that go around the part I've selected) without losing the changes I've made?

  12. Storm Berry Author

    Let's say I took a picture with a background…how would I get rid of said background without damaging the photo aka the thing I want to keep. Like a dog at a dog park, how would I get rid of the park? BUT keep the dog?

  13. Devsu-chan れ壱く Author

    well I am a beginner in fireaplaca can you teach me how to use the wand tool just like in paint tool sai ? please ^^

  14. ItWillBeOkayLove Author

    Panini part 2 the sequel LOL,
    I love your videos,
    I'm so thankful that we have you as a guide for firealpaca and digital art.
    I know I've said it before but I'll say it again thank you so much for what you do.

  15. Deep fried Desert Author

    How can you move things and stuff, i mean i was drawing and i made a little head and i dont want to erase it all i want is to make it bigger cause its so perfect and the body is good i just want to make somehow the head bigger like in flipaclip

  16. Arron ODonnell Author

    For people who use mac and the "Ctrl + D" isn't working to unselect the area go to the top of the screen and hover over "Select" then look the the "Deselect" button and click it 🙂

  17. Random I guess Author

    Hi! I was wondering-unrelated to the video, but I accidentally clicked off my color pallet….I can’t select any color-it’s just gone…I honestly don’t know what to do, so could anyone help me?

  18. Rosette Plays Author

    How do you get to the selection tools? If you want me to twitter DM you my screen, I will, thanks. (If you wanna know now: Mine looks exactly like yours except the bar at the top with the tools isn't there, it's just blank.)

  19. 《《 Kittysuniiすごい 》》 Author

    how do you select something mulitiple times using the wand tool? lets just say for example that i selected one part. theres another part i want to select as well. i cant! how do you select something multiple times??

  20. Maya Gibson Author

    So I accidentally exed out EVERY. SINGLE. TAB. on the side of my screen and I don’t know how the hell to get it back up, please tell me x-x

  21. Alicia The Spoopy Spud Queen Author

    now i can't get rid of the purple stuff great
    edit: nvm i figure it out and i too lazy to delete this comment oof

  22. Doggo Boi Author

    me: ok im making a tumblr thing, how to remove the selection thingy but keep the thing you selected the size you want it to be…

    this vid pops up

    me: BUT HOW


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