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Sellable BFA Mounts | How to Farm Dune Scavenger

Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re
talking about how to farm the new mount in Battle for Azeroth, the Dune Scavenger. This is an awesome Hyena ground mount and
you could make a ton of gold in BFA even if you only farmed this. From my experience I’d expect this mount
to sell for 500k to 1m early on in the expansion and settle in at about 50,000 to 100,000 gold
each after about 6 months. So as I said, you’ll be AOk if you just
farm this as your entire gold making strategy. But in addition to that, I got 80 greens and
about 1000 cloth before the mount dropped, and I couldn’t find it in my footage but
I also looted an epic at some point in this journey. Blah blah blah, even if you don’t want the
mount for yourself, go out here. Now I haven’t done a video on it but there
are actually 7 sellable mounts we know of so far, 3 from professions 2 farmed in the
alliance zones and 2 farmed in the horde zones. For the crafted mounts, the Engineering one
Mecha-mogul Mk2 has absolutely the best mount special in the game, and while the pattern
drops from the motherload dungeon, no one knows where the reagents come from, but I
suspect one of them comes from Ulduar. For the blacksmithing mount, the Gallywix
ATV, we can’t get the required patterns on the beta. The fishing mount, Great Sea Ray shares the
same model as the darkmoon skate even though skates and stingrays are different animals
Blizzard! Also, it’s drop rate is 1%. That’s so high that people who enjoy fishing
are going to very quickly have guild banks full of these. Hopefully Blizzard makes it 1 out of 500 and
only from pools. For the farmed mounts, the Leaping Veinseeker
which I lovingly call the “Flying Nope” is going to be the most expensive but it’s
the most awesome I’ll cover that in the next video. Goldenmane is just a basic horse model so
only completionists will care about him, and the Terrified Pack Mule is just a donkey,
so who cares? I mean, he’s really cute, but I can’t
do a guide on him because no one knows where you get him from. My money is on Hexthralled soldiers though.So
if boring mounts and uncraftable items are out, let’s farm us up a hyena. The dune scavenger drops in the horde zone
Vol’dun. It’s the desert zone and don’t worry my
alliance brethren, you can come out here once you hit max level so everyone can farm this
up. Probably wanna turn off war mode though. As far as we know, he drops from any Sethrak
in the horde continent. These are the new snake people in BFA, and
most of them are in Vol’dun. The confirmed drops are from the Sethrak Skycallers
and the Faithless Aggressors. Almost all of the sethrak are quest mobs so
they all force spawn and they live in camps so they’re all pretty packed together, but
I found that the skycaller area is just a little too spread out for efficient farming
and some of the enemies hit real real hard. I did find one really really good spot just
west of the dried up lake bed. Here there are 14 enemies and the best way
I found to gather them up was to mount up, run around past all the lightning pillars
and regroup behind this big rock. The casters take a while so if you have ranged
interrupts or extended silences that will speed things up, but as I said these are force
spawn because they’re quest mobs. This means a minimum number of enemies have
to be up all the time, in this case it’s 4, although some of them spawn in pairs so
you’ll have 8 respawn together occasionally. I can’t tell you what the drop rate is because
it’s beta, we don’t have any numbers yet on wowhead, but I was killing about 600 enemies
an hour when I was farming solo. I highly recommend you do this as a group
though. One of the Team Farm Squad members, Persephone,
came out and helped test this and it was much easier even with two people. I put down markers for where they spawn and
we just haphazardly split the camp in two and aggrod each side to the center. If I were to make an idea comp to farm this
day in and day out, it would be a brewmaster monk who puts his ox statue right where I
have the skull marker, and then 2 or 3 boomkins to pull the sides with the 45 yard range on
starfire, along with a survivable burst AoE class, like Affliction locks. If you kill something while channeling drain
soul, you generate a soul shard and can essentially just infinitely spam the talented seed of
corruption. But whatever, with 5 people these will be
dying ridiculously fast. I’d also recommend you come out here on
a tailor or enchanter because I got about 80 greens and 1000 cloth before I looted the
mount. If I was on a tailor, that’d be 1500. So, I farmed solo for 4 hours, and spent another
hour 2-manning it, and after just over 3000 kills I got the mount! Wooo! It’s so adorable and the color scheme is
fantastic! It even has a little basket of bones. Little treats for when you mount is being
a good boy. But ok, drop rate. Based on other reports of this mount dropping
and the fact that it only took me 1500 kills to get the Leaping Veinseeker, my gut tells
me the drop rate for all these mounts it’s about 1 in 2000. I probably just had slow RNG. I hope you enjoyed the guide and good luck
on getting your mount. Sell as many of these as you can stomach farming
in the first month, because once group farming for these becomes more popular, prices are
going to fall dramatically. But that’s it for me. Subscribe to WTBGold. And today only, I’m giving everyone who
likes this video a free brutosaur mount. 😛 Let me know of any cool farms you find in
BFA or if you learn where to get the other mounts I mentioned. But other than that, thank you for watching. Good luck and happy goldmaking.


  1. Evarnae Author

    Is there a WTBGold discord around? Or a gold-making/farming friendly discord to hang out in and get tips, share finds, and find groups for farming and that kind of thing

  2. Robin Sexton Author

    I like the horse mounts. You like ugly flying bat looking mounts. So what? You know how lame it is to see people riding flight mounts in BFa? You mean they don’t own any cool ground mounts? I do.

  3. Machinelf Author

    1. Lots of players see gold guides on mounts
    2. Players go farm Dune
    3. Players overfarm Dune and mass sell on AH
    4. Blizzard sees the overfarm, misinterprets the massive amount for droprate, and drasticly nerfs it.


  4. The killing joke Author

    I watched a group use this exact farming strategy with the exact group makeup you gave earlier this week. Now I know what they were farming.

  5. Brownbear042 Author

    At ~5100 likes currently, you'd need 25,500,000,000 gold btw. I'm not even sure what the gold cap is, but I'm guessing that's logistically impossible. If you just bought wow tokens @100k gold per, it'd be 5.1Million USD. Just for the brief napkin math, I'd like to be moved to the forefront of the queue for a bronto mount please 🙂

  6. Kenneth Curnow Author

    Edit: I was wrong and OP graciously pointed me in the right direction. A like and a sub.

    This would have got a like if you had shown the map button or provided coordinates at any point. As it is, I wasted 7 minutes listening to how much fun you have doing this and what you think ‘might’ work.

  7. RandomNexus ThatSillyFiccer Author

    I kinda wish the Brutosaur thing was true. winsome sigh HOWEVER – thanks so much for the info! Looking forward to level cap when I can romp about so mightily and farm my butt off. ^5

  8. E.L. Wicker Author

    Awesome video, thank you. I got the Sea Ray but gave it to my friend because it is so strikingly similar to the Darkmoon mount that it was meh enough to pass on. Now… I'm going to Vol'dun, which is my favorite place of the expansion anyway 😀 Thanks again!


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