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Series Trailer | Real Farm Lives

My favorite part about living on farm is
just getting my hands dirty and watching things grow and every day is something
different. We take pride in knowing that this is a safe sustainable product that
we’re shipping all over the world to feed millions of people. It’s been my
whole life from beginning to end and I guess I just always knew that I wanted
to be a farmer. Harvest is kind of like organized chaos it’s a lot of early
mornings and late nights and we’re stuck to a certain time schedule and we’ve got
to keep to that. It’s imperative to look at your crops every day or every other
day to know exactly what’s the bug situation you have wireworms eating the
crop. If we didn’t use crop protection products we would be producing about 25
percent of what we normally would. It’s not a farm that you can say here the
keys go with it, there’s so much to know. There’s a lot of challenges that come
with a farm and you have to learn how to have a good work-life balance. I think
that’s the toughest thing is how to know when to turn the switch off. Last year we
struggled, wondering when it’s going to rain and how you manage around that.
The main lesson I’ve learned from my father is to take your time and never
cut corners you, have no idea at the beginning of the season how the seasons
gonna, end that once you’ve started with it stick with it and see it through all
the way to the end. The part that I most love about being in the field my dad is
just the bonding hours that we get. He’s teaching me how things work and I really
like spending time with him. It’s a nice feeling being around your family
and work together as owners, but then still be able to spend time together.
Being able to raise my kids in this kind of landscape, we have so much family time, which is one of the things I love most about working in this industry.

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