1. Elli P

    Nicely done. Thank you! My only concern is that scary choice of fabric – it looks like the corner of a butcher's apron or something from a Hammer horror film! Is there something you're not telling us, young lady? 😉

  2. Carrema Donna

    What would have made this video helpful would have been to mention the tension and stitch length you were using in your example. However, thanks for mentioning the needle size. Outside of that, nothing to learn here for beginner sewers. …

  3. Elsabe Franken-Jordaan

    Many thanks Colleen..this will solve my problem! You have the most beautiful hands and nails! Please paint your nails…I am so envious! Regards from South Africa!

  4. Hari Purnomoaji

    Hello, i enjoy your tutorial a lot. I have a question. Do you have any idea how to sew silk like fabric on bias, i mean, when i cut the fabric diagonally of the grain but end up curving because the cut make the fabric stretches too much.
    If there any way to make the cut more stable, i'd like to see.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. Maddy Davies

    Good tips. Thankyou. I didn't know about the sticky tape trick.I'm going to attempt to silk velvet.(Easy project-cushion cover) but its expensive fabric.I think my aunt told me she'd used tissue paper to sew velvet.Would you advise this or would it blunt the needle?Thankyou


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