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Shoal Creek vitex gives shade and beautiful blooms

We’re here at the Hammond Research Station
where many of the trials for the Louisiana Super Plants are conducted before they’re
shipped out to other stations in the state. Today we’re talking about Shoal Creek vitex. Now if you haven’t noticed this beautiful
purple plant in the landscape, I hope you take notice after today. It is just gorgeous and worthy of a Super
Plant. It’s a shrub that grows kind of like a tree;
it will grow 12 to 15 feet in height and about eight feet wide. Now, it’s a deciduous tree. It will drop its leaves. And you kind of want to train it like a crape
myrtle. If it gets any suckers, you just want to remove
those. If you want to keep it a certain height, you
can also prune. It performs well with heavy trimming, so it’s
just a profuse, beautiful bloomer that the hummingbirds and butterflies just love. Vitexes also come in different colors —anywhere
from white to blues, reds, pinks and different varieties. But this one has done great in Louisiana. Shoal Creek is just a profuse bloomer. It will bloom from the end of spring and throughout
the summer. It will bloom again in August. This is a deciduous tree, so it will lose
its leaves in the wintertime. And they will bloom for you through the summer. Just a gorgeous addition to the landscape. And again, the hummingbirds and butterflies
just love it. For Get it Growing, I’m Heather Kirk-Ballard
with the LSU Ag Center.

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