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Showing FFA Pigs for Auction : Pig Show Winners

Hi, my name is Taylor Zell, and I won Grand
Championship Market Swine at the Verde Valley Fair. The thing that I do mostly, most people
think that you only have to show in Showmanship. You have to do it in confirmation too, because
in confirmation, the judge likes to ask to see your pig, to be able to actually look
at him. See if he’s a good pig or not. In a pig, the judge looks for like their bone
structure, their size, their weight, if they have good weight or not, and they looks at
the cuts of meat, like the hams. See if he’s muscular, or if he’s fatty. If he’s fat, he’s
not going to be a good pig to sell, and if he’s muscular, he’ll be a good pig. My pig
is a two hundred and forty eight pound Blue Butt. He came from Castillo Show Pigs, who
are going to Nationals now, because they got two Grand Champions, at two different fairs.
He’s a very good pig. He’s got a bent nose. I don’t know how that happened, but he’s got
really good structure. He’s got good hams. He’s muscular, and basically, I just try to
work him everyday, so he doesn’t build up a bunch of fat. When you win a prize, you
get, you get like butterflies in your stomach. Like, you get butterflies in your stomach,
like if you’re going to like a big baseball game, or some sports game, but you just get
really happy, and you just like want to keep doing it more and more, and keep winning.
Well it’s, especially right before, whenever it’s like leading up to the end of it, you
think you’re going to pass out. It’s just such a great feeling, when you finally win
it. It’s just really great after all this time. When you win, you feel, you feel scared,and
you want to keep winning, and it feels good. I won third place in the Heavy Class. I won
Grand Champion Market Swine. I won fourth place in the Medium Class.

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