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Showing FFA Pigs for Auction : Pig Shows at the Fair

At the fair exhibitors will have two chances
to show their hog. It depends on the show on whether you show showmanship, which is
how you show your hog, or conformation, which is simply the judging of your pig first. First,
we’ll get into showmanship. Showmanship is simply the judge watching the way that you
drive your hog. He wants to ensure that you can keep your hog off the fence, drive it
in the direction you wish, and keep it in an open place where he can see your hog at
all times. While showing, the judge watches to make sure that you keep good eye contact
with him. The best way that I have found, is to try and keep one eye on the judge, one
eye on your hog. The judge may also come up to you and ask you questions. When the judge
comes up to you to ask you questions, simply stop where he is, allow your pig to roam,
but at the same time, keep an eye on your pig so he knows that you’re paying attention.
Some of the questions the judge might ask you are different parasites that effect hogs,
different uses for hogs, and the method of feeding and selection that you chose on this
hog. Some parasites that you may need to know about market hogs, is that they tend to easily
acquire round worms, and external parasites. External parasites that commonly effect hogs
are ticks, and mites. Before you get to the fair grounds, it is advisable that you check
your hog to ensure that they do not have ticks or mites. Ticks tend to center around the
areas of the armpit, behind the ears, and behind the hams. Tick eggs will appear to
be black spots on the hog’s skin. After the last question you’re asked, walk towards your
pig with you batter pipe pointing towards your pig, but keep an eye back, watching the
judge, so he knows, that you are paying attention to where he’s at in the show ring. Never,
ever allow yourself to get placed between your hog and the judge at any time. Novice
showman generally are not asked many questions. Juniors and seniors tend to be asked more
questions. Also, juniors and seniors may be asked to switch hogs. When switching hogs,
it is simply showing the judge that you can show any hog in that show ring, and that you
are not only able to drive your hog in the direction that you wish.

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  1. Hokan88 Author

    How do I train the pig to move where I want it to; and how do I get my pig to stop and stand still? P.S. What type of driving instrument is best: can, whip, or whatever else?


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