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Showing FFA Pigs for Auction : Preparing for a Pig Show

To prepare for a show many showmen choose
to use a skin and hair conditioner on their market hog. Market hogs tend to have a very,
very dry and scaly hide. In the show ring this is undesirable and you want your hog
to look like it just walked out of the show ring. So a conditioner of choice in our area
is called Sudden Impact. Sudden Impact is a skin and coat conditioner which repairs
your skin, your hog’s skin for show. A trick that I have learned throughout the years for
shows that do not allow oil based products during show is to slather your hog in mayonnaise
before the show. Coat your hog in mayonnaise at night time and allow the hog to soak in
the mayonnaise over night. Ensure that you wake up early the next morning to wash the
hog so that your hog does not sunburn. The mayonnaise helps to loosen up the scales during
brushing and allows them to flake off easily. After the mayonnaise it is advised to use
sudden impact to help condition the skin. The mayonnaise may irritate the skin a little
bit, making your pig appear pink or red. However do not be worried because the redness will
clear out. To prepare for show many exhibitors also choose to clip their market hog. I have
found that clipping the hair completely off is undesirable and makes the hog not have
that showy appearance you wish to have in the show ring. The best length for the hair
I have found on market hogs is to be three eights or half an inch. At this length the
hair is still allowed to lie back and gives the hog a smooth clean finish while entering
the show ring. Some exhibitors choose not to clip their hogs. In the show setting, especially
with these hogs that have longer curlier hair, it is advisable to clip your hog at three
eights to half an inch in length. Yesterday I had to take him to bathe cause the judge
always wants a clean pig and so you walk them over to the cleaning area and there’s usually
only like one or two hoses so everybody has to share. Which takes a lot of time to get
your pig clean. They like to roll and to shake a lot so you get really wet and dirty but
the pigs are clean at least. You have to brush them and make sure that their fur is clipped
cause the judges don’t want a furry animal.


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