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Showing FFA Pigs for Auction : The FFA Agricultural Experience

Every member in FFA or Pals, has to have a
supervised, agricultural experience, which is part of the curriculum in our program.
Students can choose to raise a hog, a steer, a lamb, or do their horse, as their supervised
agricultural experience. When a student chooses to raise a pig for their supervised agricultural
experience, they must first talk to other members, and decide where they’d like to purchase
their hog from. From purchasing a hog, students tend to spend anywhere from a hundred to two
hundred and fifty dollars, for their market animal. These market animals, are what we
would like to call, of superior quality. These hogs tend to express more muscle, finish at
a hundred and fifty days, and hang a higher carcass at the rail. Most of these hogs in
the show circuit in our area, tend to be Blue Butts, or Hampshire hogs. The Blue Butt is
a cross between the Yorkshire and the Hampshire hog. The Blue Butt tends to finish out at
the rate of a Yorkshire, and with the muscling of a Hampshire, but not be as lean, and unpalatable
as a Hampshire carcass. The Hampshire hog, in my opinion, is a very well balanced hog,
but for palatability and marbling, you tend to lean more towards the Blue Butt, because
you get a more desirable carcass.

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  1. Michlle Orteal Author

    I am a vegan and I have to do an SAE project. I wanted to raise a pig but I don't want it to die! The teacher told me that I have to sell it or get something out of it for me to get a good grade. But I can't let it get killed and made into food!


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