Silk Painting with Textile Artist Jill Kennedy – Jamie Malden


  1. Archana Mistry

    Hi this is archana from india i truly loved your creativity …plz can u guide me for the paints & fabric which brand to be udsed

  2. Vickie Schwartz

    A very gorgeous and amazing techniques…thank you so much! 👍👍👍💕💖💕🌟🤩🌟❤️😍❤️🌹🌹🌹🙏🏽🌹🌹🌹

  3. pdn11141

    Having a trial first run, my gutta is too thick on the fabric is there any way of getting rid of it? I set and washed the silk the small square I've made is still hard on the gutta lines, so I can't exactly blow my nose on it! Was thinking of a hankie. So how do I get rid of the gutta? I think tutorial is very good Jill. It is amazing how brilliant your straight lines are Jill. How do you make the silk scarves so soft at the end of the day? Help!

  4. Ruth Walton

    please tell Jill I love her and I wish I had know about the hole in the pin before. I have been lifting them to paint the bit inder them lamo.

  5. Patricia Swayze

    which dye for silk painting is the least toxic? I have heard that some of the French silk dyes are rather toxic and require a mask. Do you know if Jacquard green label is safe? Patricia

  6. Anabela Ferguson

    I have watched a few of your videos, beautiful things you paint. I personally don't paint in silk, but would like to know if you can help me. I restore fine art, and have a small rip in a silk I would like to repair. I am just not familiar with the medium. Just velvet paintings, and oil on canvasses. Please if you can help me to guide me or refer me.

  7. wendy herubin

    Great video. I liked that Ms. Kennedy spoke throughout the video, the tips she gave enable a person to do this art on their own without having to experience the pitfalls of "trial and error". Not only was it helpful to know what to do but also what NOT to do and why you should not do. Many thanks!!

  8. Anna Johnstone

    My son wants me to paint dinosaurs onto his voile curtains.  Which technique would you recommend?  I am not familiar with this medium but I'm very keen to give it a try.

  9. Lass-in Angeles

    Very informative and educational to watch, thank you everyone!  What a skilled artist to make it look so easy.  One thing to note though… when you have such a long video, the artist should talk less. No need to verbalize continually.  Just paint.

  10. Sharon Belknap

    Thank you Jill and Jamie! It's been years since I've painted on silk and your video brought back all the excitement! Today I'm beginning a lovely piece today of a koi pond with a dragonfly. I feel so much more confident now! Thank you again!

  11. Colouricious Holidays

    we love to use silk paints from Colourcraft  – a UK online store

  12. Laurie Henry

    Hi! Love your videos. I'm going to give silk painting a try. What brand of paint and gutta or resist do you recommend? I want to start with paint rather then dye. I don't know the different products to make a good decision. Thank you!

  13. Fiona S

    Fabulous tutorial. I'm new to silk painting and you've answered all my questions just by watching and listening to your advice during this video. Have prewashed silk ready and waiting for the morning. The only problem here in New Zealand is finding supplies – so I often need to buy online overseas and then wait for my goodies to arrive. Never mind, I just watch your videos again so hopefully what you're doing stays in my thinking. I'm sure it will and I really liked the way you showed at the end all the different ways you could use your silk piece. Brilliant – well done!


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