Simple. Modern. Elegant. It's Hip to be Square Quilt! Free Pattern | New Giveaway :)


  1. LightOfKaos

    Love your videos, would also love to enter a giveaway – when I try to go to the link, it asks me to sign up for your newsletter (I already do), and since there are no other boxes to click on, I do and get told I am already signed up… try again? I wondered if it was because I am Canadian, but you just said this was good world wide. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Gale Whiteman

    I haven’t said this before…can I come and live in your shop? I’m not picky on which side; shop or sewing side!! I love them both. Your videos make me forget about my job and I relax with you. I love the quilt pieces for this quilt. Beautiful job, as always Donna.

  3. GC Durnin

    I DESPERATELY want that fabric! Square in a square was my next project but I couldn't decide on fabrics. Your colour choices are the same type I'd have chosen for my corporate wardrobe. I'm still not too comfy with mega colours. Love your presentations. Thank you for being queen (and king) of "the good stuff" !

  4. Secb 8245

    Hi Donna, Thanks for being a great YT teacher! How do you cut from that side of the fabric using the cutting board to measure? I've never seen that!

  5. mary ann durbrow

    I just !!!!*****luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv*****!!!! "Box Step" & "Hip to be Square". Do you ever take requests for kits? I have been in the hospital for a while. I am easing back into quilting and really appreciate having some of the work done for me. I know Matt's rotary cutter is probably smoking this time of year! I'm just sayin'….:):):):):):):))


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