Simple Step by Step – How to apply a ceramic coating to a car


  1. James H

    Just a small correction to an otherwise great video – C1 is Crystal Lacquer not Crystal Serum, the CS is a slightly better product all round..

  2. Geir Røsset

    I would MAYBE get one panel of my car done per day, with days in between when I'd have no time to work on it. So I'd be without my car for a couple of weeks if I was to do this myself. Great video though 🙂

  3. Gary Horsfield

    Great video mate im contemplating doing a coating but dont have a garage i look forward to your outdoor attempt at applying a ceramic coat i have a SEAT IBIZA Sportrider CR TDI in a dark Burgundy red


    Hey Jon great video. i know im late but how was the removal of the coating. Was it like sticky or did you have to put in a lot of effort to remove? One last question. Is there a reason you chose to use the rotary instead of your usual dual action?

  5. SuperCoach87

    Great video! I'm considering coating my new corvette. Do I have to wait for the factory paint job to cue any amount of time before applying a ceramic coating? I've heard of people covering their new cars with an indoor cover only to discover hazing in the paint later.

  6. Archie Pezek

    Awesome video–very informative and loaded with detail. Love your quote "Take the time to enjoy the ride as much as the destination".

  7. Agg

    Jesus! You talked me right out of trying this on my car, who's got the time for all that?! I guess as it was only the £5 stuff on eBay probably not going to get a decent result anyway. Think I'll stick to a wash and a polish if it's lucky

  8. Jonathan Pena

    Hi after watching this video I’m feeling much more confident in apply ceramic coating. I got a brand new car a few days ago and the paint is in great condition I’m still going to decontaminate it using a clay bar before I apply the coating. Do you recommend I also polish it before coating it? Perhaps a very light polish ? There’s thankfully no swirls. Thank you for your video!

  9. James White

    How noticable is an uneven coat. The light buffing is to even out the coating. One might would think that would cause streaks. How fast must the buffing be done. Taking my time crosshatching a two by two section could take a good minute. Just curious; trying to understand as much as possible before trying the process. Big effort for big results. I believe I'm going to try Gyeon products. Take care.

  10. Muhammad Azeem Uddin

    Hi dear,

    Hope you are doing well! I am living in dubai and here weather is hot very very hot. I would like to know which ceramic coating for beat for hot climate?

  11. Eddie Runcorn

    Your attention to detail in this video is outstanding. I’m picking up a new car shortly and doubt the dealership will go to such levels that you do.

    Are you a mobile detailer ?


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