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Sixty Seconds with Sarah Owen – Youth Development Coordinator for Agriculture and Natural Resources

I’m Sarah Owen and (laughs) Hi, I’m Sarah Owen and I coordinate youth development programs related to agriculture and natural resources. (Laughs) Uh I can’t tell you… um. (Laughs) No, I’m sure it’s the little hearts. I’m sure it’s hearts. Yeah. Uh, recyclable bags, dog food, I’m sure just trash. Probably Cheerios. I’ve got two kids. I don’t like my eggs. It’s about to be finishing our basement. I don’t drink it, but I call it Coke. They’re all Cokes. Such a loaded question. Yes, of course I do! And, his name is Sheldon Owen. He’s
my husband. But he is the wildlife specialist. Look in my freezer. We’ve got jumping mice, we’ve got duck wings, we’ve got… …any dead thing he finds on the road he puts in a ziplock bag and puts it in my freezer. I’m a herpetologist by training so I love turtles. I even have a book I wrote
about frogs, so you could put that as a little thing up on the side. Oh, they learn confidence, they learn all the skills related to whatever
competition they’re in, how to work with a team, how to interact with other people.You know, all those, all those skills that really translate well into
the job market.

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