1. sawoff47

    i am from trinidad living in svg and want to start this project where can i get the tilapia to buy can you tell me so i can get some or can you give me a contact #

  2. Michelle Batson

    I'm from Tobago an would love to get started with this can you tell where in Trini I can find the materials and and fish to buy. And is it possible I can pay you to make a filtration system for me

  3. aaricf

    Im a young person looking to start this as a means of eventually opening a larger scale business…how can i get into contact with u to have more advice given?

  4. Dernelle mc williams

    The management staff at work were fed up of there breeding rate,so they decided to give away all so they can put kois instead. I was late to the give away and got the young ones instead (35) two different types. I currently feed them the regular fish food and they love it. But if they like duckweed is better,im from arima side where can i access them ?

  5. Shuzelle Singh

    Oh well first of all I was wondering if I can have a contact number for u if possible. I'm from the east. I wanted to experiment with the bottom half of a 1000 gal tank. I don't really understand much of the filtering and breeders etc etc. My space is a bit limited but I'm excited about this new venture. I happen to only be seeing short clips online that isn't detailed enough for an amateur like myself. Any suggestions of detailed video tutorials? Thx for your response this far.

  6. Shuzelle Singh

    Hi I'm from trini as well. I'm very interested in doing something lile this but even though I looked at some YouTube videos I still think I need a consultant. Is it possible for me to contact you for further info / assistance?

  7. Lisa Smith

    nice set up looking good,i'm now trying to set up and needs some fingerlings and a male and some females for breeding purposes can you sell me some please

  8. Sharon Sanowar

    Nice setup.
    Do you sell the fingerlings? I just constructed an aquaponic system and I am looking for some fingerlings to buy.My setup Trinidad local aquaponic ibc setup


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