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Smart Farming & Agriculture – IoT Internet Of Things In Agriculture Explained – 3D Animation

Smart farming also known by several other
names such as the Smart Agriculture, Digital Farming, E-Farming, Agriculture 4.0 & the
Precision Agriculture is a way of farming using the latest and the historical data obtained
from various sources located both on & off the farm. Sources located on the farm are IoT devices
designed for farming such as the automated cameras, drones, robots with sensors, automated
tractors and other farming machines. All these smart systems deployed on the farm
record data over time, such as the color, look & feel of the crops, weather conditions,
amount of water in the soil, infestation in the crops etc. With all this data, technically called the
BigData, these devices have the ability to extract meaningful information from it, stream
it over to the cloud & take completely autonomous or semi-autonomous action. These agriculture robots are also known as
the Agribots. Drones equipped with state-of-the-art cameras
& sophisticated machine learning algorithms are used for imaging, mapping, surveying the
region & monitoring the farm in real time. IoT remote sensing devices read the temperature,
humidity, availability of sunlight in the area etc. This information is used to study crops, detect
their diseases early & quality control. Automated tractors & other mobile farming
machines enable us to cover more ground in less time. Aggregating all the farming information on
the cloud enables farming experts & scientists to keep an eye on the farms just by their
mobile phones from anywhere in the world. They don’t have to be physically present
to watch over the farming operations in a specific part of the world. With the information delivered to their mobile
phones they can suggest the suitable crops for a place, right time to harvest, the right
amount of pesticide to be sprayed on the crops etc. Also, it’s good for agri-business as we
can match the buyers and the sellers from across the globe. Draw more investment for a specific farming
region, just by presenting the data before the interested investors & help them make
informed decisions. Powered by renewable energy and the BigData,
smart farms are driven towards fighting the ever-rising issue of overpopulation & global
hunger. These tech enabled farms are more efficient,
have less costs. They enable us to notch up our production
to meet the global food demands. Well, Guys, this is pretty much it. If you liked the video. Do give it a big thumbs up, subscribe, share
it with your folks. I’ll see you in the next episode. This is Curious planet signing off. Until next time…

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