-Some of my Weavings; RISD Textiles-

Hey there, it's Annabelle. I promised that I would talk about my weavings a bit, and also about my other projects, but I thought I would start on my weaving samples, cus I have them all here in a bag. Just to give a brief, on those who don't understand what I study, or don't know my major, I'm doing Textile Design, and the curriculum could be weaving, screen printing, digital embroidery, within that, there are different levels, so you have 1, 2, and then eventually the industrial level, which I have yet to take. in our final year, is when we do our own degree project, kind of pursue what ever we want, and kick off our art practice. so everything here is from the class where we start weaving on dobby looms. and it's no longer completely hand operated- like the jack looms. so we draft on the computer, depending on what kind of draft- but the gist of it is… you're looking at a graph paper. the filled in square means the intersection of warp and weft. it could be different depending on what structure it is, finally, designing on the computer, makes it a lot faster, imagine, filling in a square with your pencil, versus just clicking once. in general, you're still designing the entire structure yourself, and the only reason we use a computer is because we have so many harnesses, that when we press the one pedal, the computer connects our draft, translates it to the loom, and tells it which harness to pick up. one of the first week's, was this. last year we started out with every student having their own loom, but for this class, there aren't enough for all 12 of us, so we have to share. every loom is fixed up with different colored yarn, so that way we can really vary our samples, you can see, these 2.. it was made on one, because, the warp is the same turquoise color. I use cut up fabric here, to make clown fish. I thought it would be fun and also- this fabric was left over from my final last year. I really like to reuse and save all of my scraps here I was inspired by peacock colors, mainly because I came across some yarn at michael's that .. just made sense for me to mimic that feather-like chevron, so sometimes, the back is nicer than the front. or they're equally interesting. but this one is not too different, the 2nd week, I didn't love this, because I was working on the other looms, and the tie up was completely different, which means that I can in no way do this structure when the tie up of all the yarns are in the block tie up. I just wanted to see what it would be like to mix some matte yarns, with metallic, rayon- but.. not too… ..special. I don't like this color at all. the loom I signed up for was grey, and I hate this color combination, but I tried to make the best of it, I wove in some of that holographic cardstock, and then the other ones we glance over- but it's not super remarkable, so I don't have much to say about them this one's also from week 1, and it's the cut fabric. so you can see the edge of the satin is a little bit frayed, and gives it that fuzzy look, and this was inspired by goldfish. by also using different materials that are the same color, it looks like a little gradient, and i wanted to get that sort of fish gill texture. it just overall looks like stripes. you can kind of make out…. that in this sample, it's prairie. but I didn't want it to have a very very familiar, typical, cat shape, so.. I know she's very slender, and kind of weird looking, and that's why.. this shape, on my crew neck was inspired by her. it was just a funny little weaving, but you can see why it's a little bit more rectangular because, I had to cut it short since it's really easy to make mistakes. there's a really big margin for error, you just miss ONE thread, and it's really obvious, and it's more obvious in the back. when.. certain ones, carry through. and it's not supposed to. right here.. or right here, there's an error. um, right here… but… it's just really difficult sometimes, because especially when you're sharing machines, the tensions are off, so when you hand operate it, even though the computer helps you lift the harness, you're still actually physically weaving it. it still lifts, and you're still putting yarn through as you saw in my vlogs. something that was really fun was when we got to double sided weave structures. and this one, is on the block draw, which is why it has to be geometric, I can't really make.. curves, or anything organic. I found this stretchy spandex fabric, with metallic, and it shimmers. and on the back, it's the negative, basically. so you can tell what I was going for, it's like city at night, and then city in the day, kind of. except.. these are clouds, and then now I don't know.. what that is. kind of a boring pattern of just strawberries. I tried to make them more interesting by having them confronted instead of all facing one direction, and staggered, but it still looks pretty basic. kind of more interesting on the back, because you see the negative and then, a bigger stripe pattern.. I wove with super metallic yarn, and then.. matte black . just to see what the double weave was like. this one was from a photo of a forest fire. you could see i really lost the over all pattern, and it recedes into just a basic stripe, like the texture's interesting, just because I chose to weave with a fuzzy material. but you really don't get much more, and that's not always bad, but I think.. because it was my intention to do more, that's what happened. so here I found, really thick, bright cord. and then, we had some chenille, it was like.. really bright green, and fuzzy, so of course, the complimentary- it reminds me of some sort of trident gum, it is a double weave, you really can't tell though, because it looks the same just cus of the pattern. but.. this is pink, but then on this side, it's green. this one's also double, I just really like experimenting with materials I think- this one was tulle- you know, what you see in formal dresses, or tutus, yeah, I cut that up- it had some paint on it, and then glitter, so then when I wove it, with this pattern, I wanted to get… the essence of coral, because I saw a photo of very pink coral and then the dark negative space, here are a couple that I don't really like at all. just because.. i was getting the hang of it, this one is okay- this took way too long. cus I was using tapestry method, meaning I would hand place every single one of these color changes, and then cut them behind here. having fun with shiny yarn. didn't amount to anything. but sometimes, it doesn't! and sometimes it does. this one as well- I was having a bad, frustrating night. not.. not really going through with anything I planned, even if you work at a draft and it's perfectly structurally sound, when you finally weave it out, either the color doesn't work, the yarn, or the material doesn't work, or it looks not like you expected, or it's too smooshed, because.. the thickness of the yarn also effects how your image will come out. you can tell there are some mistakes though- I'm not gonna actively point them out, but if you see them, you seen them. and this one of pickles? this one was double weave, pickles is one of Tyler's favorite things, so he was super excited about the idea of me weaving something about pickles. so I kinda came out with this pop-arty random pickles weave. I'm not sure which side I like better, this one's kinda typical, this one's kinda more interesting.. and when my professor saw it, she's like "I can't stand pickles" then we moved onto another weave structure, matelasse, it's a different kind of tie up, and when I first practiced with them, again- you really have to get the hang of it, just because you operate something successfully, doesn't mean that anything you make might be effective. these tiny little things that just..gray out, from afar, if you look up close, they're intricate, this one was inspired by art deco, and this one was inspired by windows, when I went to *palacio de cristal, in spain, and that is not a good pronunciation- I cannot pronounce.. spanish words but I redid this one in the end. so some of the tie ups are mirrored, which is why you see so this one is a mirrored one, but it is a second rendition of this one because it completely gets lost in how complicated and tiny it is, as I start to turn it, it turns blue because you see the tiny warp coming through I went to europe with my mom late summer last year, these were inspired by the architecture that we went to see, by gaudi. directly inspired by the sculptures on the roof top, I think this was meant to go this way, so you can tell I was trying to get that shadow to light with the curves, we are already near the end.. and for our final collection, we had to pick one idea during the festivals or whatnot, we always watched the chinese opera, and things like that and there was an act called "bian-lian" which is "changing faces", and the concept of the whole act is distraction, so that's why the helmets are very ornate, and we have really big winged sleeves, with fans I love how vibrant they are, and they inspired my color palette, as well as the motifs that I came up with, so I really like this one because of how playful it is, I used pipe cleaner, you can see the back here- it's not as interesting because, the yarn I used here, is metallic, and then this one is not. with this one, I was trying to get the idea of the mask, being concealed, and you look closely, there are eyes here, & originally I wanted to go back with some foil, like gold leaf, that sort of thing- I didn't get the time to, but I still can. still free to do what ever I want to this. this one is similar, and the same concept, of kind of.. 'now you see me, now you don't' over here you can see the eyes, the nose, and then I meant to have them basically overlapping, but then, it kind of.. merges into one.. one mask. the back looks pretty interesting as well, just really fun, this one was the last thing I did, and it's so silly. I wanted to use this photo, with all of the masks hanging up, turns out to look like frkn sesame street, and.. I would've gone longer if I had the time, but this one already took me..4 hours? maybe longer? I can't really remember. so I was using tapestry, putting in materials like pipe cleaner again, and using different sorts of yarns, this one was focusing on details, on the robe, I believe. and it was done on the royal blue warp, which shows up over here, and I did tapestry with loose, red-dyed fiber. if I just put it all the way across, then it would pop through in between but I wanted to define the circles- kind of looks like when I was little, I would design birthday cakes for fun, I would draw them, and I always made this sort of crazy thing. like swirly frosting, and then fruits, looks like that, but the color doesn't go. and… the last thing I haven't shown, this was in a vlog, where I was talking about drying this, it just made my other metallic yarns loose and wanna fall out, so it looks a bit sloppy. but I'm glad that I tried, to do some finishing techniques no- this is actually the last one. It looks super short, and I'll explain why, but it's my favorite one. you can see a dragon mask, over here, and then you have this weird mickey mouse looking thing, I was meant to cut this. cut this part, to reveal a U-shape. but I enjoy the size variation, so the back looks like this, I used a lot more tapestry techniques, like this triangle, if I didn't do that, then it would continue all the way another thing my professor pointed out is that the top is a little bit longer, just a tiny bit longer. when I was operating the loom, I was using the beater, which is the comb that presses all the yarns back, with every row, I was beating it harder, and then in the last row, I was a little looser, cus I was realizing how squooshed it was becoming, that was a mistake, because if you want continuity, you don't just change it halfway through, you either have them all loose, or all squooshed, but when it came off the tension, it also kind of shrunk up, so it's a little bit shorter than I'd want it to be. I think I have left out random little things, and there's always these, you know, practice sample rows, where you throw together different materials, to see how it works with the color, this is just what I showed you, took me maybe.. 2 hours to figure out how to weave, or get it exactly how I like, I think a lot of people wonder, 'how does this apply to the industry?' so basically, not only is it in apparel, you know, woven fabrics in apparel, are in furniture, interior or exterior textiles, but- in science, for smart textiles, like inventing fire retardant blankets, space suits, seat belts- they're woven, if you're asking me why I wanted to do textile design, I was choosing between apparel and textiles, and, I enjoy the texture, and surface, pattern and color, a lot more than the… 3D composition and construction of a garment, so that's why I didn't do apparel. but how that affects me as a designer, for example, if I were to graduate and want to start a clothing line, then, I think I put a lot more emphasis on exactly what materials I am knitting with- like I am not gonna use acrylic, um, a lot of plastics, that's that, I hope it was interesting, informational, if you have any more questions, I'll try my best to answer them, and now I'm gonna have to rush off, I wanted to make it to the post office, but it's closed, again. and it's storming, cars rushing by outside- I'm sure that you heard. prairie is here with me right now! she was sleeping on all of my weaving samples, because she just loves to get on top of things, that you normally wouldn't sleep on. I would buy her a bed, but she would choose that instead. oh! that rhymed. so we're gonna sign off together, and if you were interested in this crewneck, I believe it's still on sale until the end of the month, because I had that flash sale last year, and a lot of people ended up missing out and then emailing to get on the waitlist. so I did activate it again, so the campaign is still going on, but I haven't been actively advertising or trying to promote it, just because, my favorite thing is just to talk to you in the comments, and to have this community, you don't have to feel bad if you can't afford it, or you just don't like it, it's not.. I don't take it the wrong way, AT ALL, if you just don't want it. I made it for those who do want it! it's prairie, and..just me I guess this one is me, that's her glaring at me. sending you my love, the sun set behind me! while I was talking thank you for being here. bye! as you can see, prairie loves me a lot more than she did before, I've been reading a lot, and she would just cuddle up on my chest for the whole 2 hours. she seems..kind of indifferent about being here. I'm gonna let you go.


  1. sophia amoyo

    i love how passionate you are about textiles! and the details you put in every design!! i just love hearing your thought process about your work! makes me think about how much care i should put into mine 💖

  2. Lissa Gandor

    That was so interesting! I love the intricacy of the texture and how the appearance of the pattern and fabric can change in movement and light! I’m not even an art student but that was just so satisfying to watvh

  3. Krispie not Kraspie

    hey annabelle, just realised it’s been a while since you uploaded. seen your instagram stories and looks like you’re having a lot of fun! take your time with vlogging 💕

  4. purplestars

    Your work ethic and how you keep trying and creating new things and being so open about your progress is really inspiring to me. I love art but I get discouraged easily (even going so far as to drop my gcse), I have high standards and am a massive perfectionist so it's easy for me to hate my work, or start thinking that it's not worth it to continue. But I know I just gotta keep trying!

  5. Theo Rose

    this was really interesting to watch, ive just started my first year of a textile major at an art school in Canada and it was so cool to see all of your experimental work

  6. 8eomlau

    love ur art videos so so muchhhhh 😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and also luv u annabelle😍😍😍😍😍

  7. Esej Snake

    You really are great at this. I sincerely hope (and believe) that your choice of major and career will work out for you, just because you're having fun with is while also having originality and hard won ability.

  8. celestie

    I was sad that the video ended so quickly until I found a lil surprise in the description. I have a competition in a few days and “worrying is twice the pain” really hit me. I’m nervous but I, too need to stop being so hard on myself. Thanks for the lovely content and advice❤️

  9. Zoe Barrow

    As an artist who is super hard on myself it was a bit of a wake up call for me to see you pick out all the little mistakes in each one and you definitely shouldn’t be as hard on yourself!!! I think your textiles are really beautiful even the ones with little flaws or maybe ones you don’t like as much, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder some of the ones you didn’t like I definitely looooved thanks so much for making this video! There is definitely not enough exposure for the textile industry online 💗

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    I love how you talk so truthfully about your work. I think it all looks great in its own way, and it really inspired me even more to pursue textile arts.

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    Please let me know if you start selling the crewneck again!!! Definitely will buyyyyy

  13. Jeanieinabottle

    It's so much easier said than done to tell someone, not to be so hard on yourself. Most of the time, it really starts to affects one's mental and emotional state. Taking those mental breaks are really important and I'm also glad you get to relax a little in the morning.
    Sidenote: Although I'm not in school for art or learning about textiles, I found this video and anytime you included us behind the scenes so interesting❤

  14. Madeline Bustos

    This video reminded me slightly of an art book, looking at the different weavings, especially those framed and displayed more closely in front of the camera. That made me think about the possibility of creating a book for you? I know some bloggers (emphasis one the "bl" in bloggers) convert and curate their online text entries into books and include still images to breathe some life into the words. Perhaps you've thought of this before, but I think this is something you could do in the feature, feature paintings, sketches, weavings, etc and some pictures of yourself enjoying your well-being and daily life. You could even choose to write a bit about it or just transcribe some of your musings that you record on your vlogs and videos. Of course, I realize this is a lot of work (finding a publisher, planning, writing, photographing, etc) and you're very busy in school (I'm in school myself here in the NE). But maybe its something to think about for the future in the next several years. I know that I really enjoy your eye for art and beauty and I would love to own a book curated by you. I have a feeling many other people might enjoy one too. Sending blessings at the beginning of the freezing semester, Madeline

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    ooh i used to draw little cakes and icing swirls with bits of fruit on top as well! loved to see your work from the semester and i hope your current one is going alright. i always talk about how lovely you and your videos and art are around my home and now my mom follows you on instagram haha i'll have to recommend she start watching your videos as well i know she would love to see your weavings. have a wonderful week!


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