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South Valley property transformed into community farm

A PROPERTY THAT WAS A BLIGHT IN THE SOUTH VALLEY FOR YEARS…HAS BEEN TRANSFORMED INTO SOMETHING WONDERFUL. 1:00:00:39 its an opportunity for our community. what I call a wellness effort walking place surround, wonderful greenhouse children come in and learn how to grow vegetables :55 . IT )S A COMMUNITY FARM LOCATED OFF ISLETA BOULEVARD. THE PROPERTY USED TO BE AN ILLEGAL DUMP SITE.. IT )S BEING TRANSFORMED NOT ONLY INTO A FOOD HUB FOR THE COMMUNITY BUT AN EDUCATIONAL SPACE. STUDENTS FROM ERNIE PYLE MIDDLE SCHOOL WHICH IS LOCATED ACROSS THE STREET HELPED PLANT THE FIRST SEEDS. IT )S A FARM TO TABLE CONCEPT USING HYDROPONICS. PART OF THE FARM WILL SERVE AS A LAB FOR CNM STUDENTS. Dr. Toby Phelps – chief technology innovation officer at cnm3:34 it )s a great way to bring our students down to the south valley an integrate into community and have them participate in farm to table activity :44 understand where food coming from an dhow to sustain and keep on the table in health fashion :50. THE FARM WAS MADE POSSIBLE BY MANY ENTITIES WORKING TOGETHER INCLUDING FIRST CHOICE COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE, BERNALILLO COUNTY, CNM, PNM AND OTHERS.

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